Fun Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight is a challenge, but weight loss is accelerated by combining a balanced diet with increased levels of activity.

Exercise increases the body’s metabolic rate, thus using more calories and burning excess fat. However, many people find standard gym routines boring and are more likely to stay motivated if they can find a fun way of exercising. Joining a class where a teacher or trainer can offer support and advice is the best way of avoiding strain or injury. There are many alternative exciting and fun ways to exercise, so here are a few ideas for weight loss programs to help shift those excess pounds:


Perfect for a weight loss programme, Zumba is a Latin dance workout developed in Colombia during the 1990s. Now popular all around the world, Zumba workouts set a fusion of Latin, hip-hop and belly-dancing moves to an infectious Latin beat. Zumba gets the whole body working, raising the heart-rate and burning fat, and it is possible to burn from 300-600 calories during a 1-hour class. Anyone can do Zumba, even if they are new to fitness classes. There are different levels to meet specific requirements; for example, Zumba Gold is suitable for active, older people.

Martial Arts

There are several different martial arts suitable for weight loss programs. Traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Karate will not only boost your metabolism but will improve mental discipline, muscle tone, balance and self-confidence. Variations such as Boxercise, Tae Bo, Kung Fu Aerobics and Cardio-Kickboxing have been developed for improving fitness. All the martial arts disciplines use similar basic movements such as kicking, punching and jumping. Exercises target major muscle groups as well as strengthening the core area. The variety of martial arts disciplines to choose from makes them an attractive choice for a weight loss programme, by helping to keep motivation strong.

Flying Trapeze Class

A flying trapeze class offers a thrilling and surprisingly effective weight loss workout programme. Those who dare to take the trapeze challenge will need a course of approximately six lessons to learn essential skills. They will be rewarded with an increase in strength, particularly in the upper body, the arm muscles of an Olympian and a more streamlined and graceful appearance. Beginners may look awkward and lumbering at first, but by the end of the basic course should be able to link moves together in an acrobatic fashion. Flying trapeze is most useful for weight loss when practised in conjunction with another discipline such as running. The greatest benefit of trapeze to those trying to lose weight is probably mental – it gives an unbeatable adrenalin rush and boost to self-esteem.


Dancing is an excellent aerobic exercise enjoyed by people of all ages, and a 30-minute dance session is a fun and accessible way to burn up to 150 extra calories. There are many different types of dance class to suit all tastes, from ballroom to belly-dancing. The choice of dance will be dictated to some extent by what is available in the area, but beginners can also make a start by following a DVD or a YouTube video demo. It is important to spend a few minutes doing some warming-up exercises before dancing to help prevent strain or injury.


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