Martial Arts are great for building your child’s self-confidence

Children have a sense of self-esteem comparable to that of an adult from the age of five, according to research carried out by the University of Washington. This, of course, is why it’s extremely important for parents to ensure their kids are brimming with self-confidence from an early age. The question is: how can this be achieved? Well, you’d certainly be giving them a nudge in the right direction by encouraging your sons and daughters to take up martial arts. Let’s look at three ways it can help children come out of their shells and develop greater self-confidence.


Martial arts typically involve a great deal of interaction with others. Whether it’s the trainer, classmates or opponents, there’s always an opportunity for the children to make friends, build relationships and generally feel more comfortable in the company of others. These are all traits that can easily translate to other areas of their life, such as when they’re at school or want to attempt other sports.


Your child will be put into an active position when training in the Martial Arts. This is helpful for those youngsters who are used to taking a backseat and usually insist on a more passive attitude to life. When learning Martial Arts, your child will be encouraged to take a different approach – one that puts them in a position where they need to be assertive. Over time they’ll become comfortable being in this mentality.


Nothing instils more confidence in a child than being able to learn a new skill set, especially when it’s one with the potential to craft and develop over many years. Your son or daughter should find that there comes a sense of pride with honing such an amazing talent, which in itself should improve their confidence. After all, they’re essentially being taught that they’re capable of anything if they bring enough hard work and passion.

Go for it!

Your child’s journey to a stronger degree of self-confidence starts with finding them the best place to train in the Martial Arts. If you’re looking for help tracking down the best school for your kid, you can search one of 1000s of classes nationwide.


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