Karate Classes For Kids – The Benefits

I can remember when the first Karate Kid film was released.

What did my youngest son, then six, want to do? Join karate classes for kids of course, along with thousands like him throughout the UK.:

Karate is still as popular today, and a great way for both young boys and girls to begin learning the benefits to be gained from some form of sporting activity. Many parents try to dissuade their kids from any interest in the sport. Believing it promotes aggression; will turn them into bullies, or they’ll end up fighting in the school playground, during every break.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Far from promoting violence, karate is designed to promote self discipline, and self confidence. Improve fitness, listening and social skills, while helping to make new friends with a common interest.

There are a large range of different disciplines which all fall under the karate umbrella, tae kwon do, aikido, kung fu, jujitsu and judo, are just a few. All teach different styles, with different aims, although all maintain the core elements of fitness, discipline, and confidence.

Don’t take my word for it. If your kids, boys or girls, have shown an interest in karate classes for kids, and you’re not too sure, pay a visit to your local club. Take the kids with you. The club will welcome you with open arms, and be more than happy for you to sit in on a lesson.

People whose only knowledge of karate is films, or maybe a glimpse on television news, can be forgiven for thinking it is a one on one sport, akin to boxing. That is competition karate.

Karate lessons, including karate lessons for kids are carried out just as it says, in classes. On your first visit you’ll be amazed to see those young five and six year old boys and girls, all standing in front of Sensei (the instructor) and bowing. Waiting for their first command in Japanese, before assuming the ready position, to begin their training routine.

That single act alone is beginning to teach the disciplines of patience and awareness. Many parents of children with attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), who attend karate classes for kids, have noticed a marked improvement in their children’s behaviour. The concentration and self-control taught in these classes; are exactly those disciplines which tend to be underdeveloped in ADHD sufferers.

As said previously, looking costs nothing. The overall cost is probably cheaper than buying the average football kit. Most clubs supply the Karategi, the loose fitting garment worn by members, and that, basically, is all that is needed. Training is generally carried out barefoot so the only addition is the belt worn round the middle. The belt holds the Karategi together, while the colour of it denotes the grade of the wearer. The starting belt is always white.

Lessons generally last 45 minutes to an hour; starting with a warm up period and then learning the first discipline. Once a set of skills have been learnt, usually three months although this can vary, the student(s) take a test to be graded to the next belt. Progress is made through the belt system, next would be yellow, then orange, purple and blue, all the way through to brown then black, 1st dan.

Karate classes for kids are available for all ages. Mum and dad don’t have to feel left out. Many older and retired people take up karate for the exercise, and to help keep the joints subtle.

Chat to the children about karate classes for kids, and put them on the path to fitness, self discipline, confidence, and a whole new set of social skills. Who knows, it may even help improve their school grades.


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