10 Ways To Detox Naturally In The New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, there’s a fantastic wave of excitement in the air, as we all think about our plans and what we hope to achieve.

Part of this is making New Year resolutions that are going to empower us and set us on track for meeting our goals. After the over-eating and booze filled Xmas indulgence, what could be a better time to optimise your health and wellness levels? Here are 10 easy ways to detox, which will transform the way you look and feel, boost your energy levels, and help to ward off the extremely unwelcome effects of aging:

1. Keep well hydrated with mineral or filtered water, and aim to drink around 2 litres a day. H2O is responsible for every single metabolic process in the body, yet so many people omit this most basic part of ‘life management’ which so wonderful for daily detoxing; and helps maintain the proper balance of vital body salts. The good news is that fruit and vegetables can count towards your natural daily water uptake, so do make sure you’re getting enough!

2. Lower your coffee intake to no more than two mugs a day. Caffeine has a number of highly negative effects on the body, especially on our stress levels and digestive system, which can get highly toxic. Long term studies link caffeine with an elevated risk of high cholesterol, and heart disease.

3. Exercise every day: it is so easy to drive around from A to B, and then just sit in front of the TV or computer at home. Just taking a short walk on your lunch breaks or after work is fantastic for the body as it gets the circulation going, and speeds up your metabolism and wards off toxins. Yoga is also recommended, and is getting more popular as celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow show us what it can do!

4. Get yourself a long natural bristle brush and use it dry to brush the skin from the feet upwards towards the heart, before having a bath or shower. This will get the lymphatic system into gear, and help eliminate toxins.

5. Try to substitute unhealthy drinks such as cola, for healthy alternatives such as fruit or herbal tea. It comes in many sumptuous varieties to suit all tastes.

6. Try to give your digestive system a rest by exchanging unhealthy snacks for fresh fruit, a natural yogurt, or a few nuts or an unsweetened oat cake.

7. If you are prone to drinking a lot of alcohol, test out a few non-alcoholic beverages. It will put far less strain on your body, and you will reap very positive rewards.

8. If you’re a junk food addict try getting in some unprocessed staples such as spelt bread, whole grain rice, and brown pasta. And experiment with stevia in place of table sugar and artificial sweeteners.

9. There’s nothing quite like a steam bath or sauna to effortlessly sweat out the toxins. Look online and find a day centre near you.

10. Check out local martial arts classes or get yourself a DVD. This is a superb discipline that will turn your life around and beginners movements are fun and simple!

In summary, if you follow some of these 10 easy detox steps, whether you practice them every day, or periodically; not only will they help you look great and feel good, they will also keep you on the road of healthy living and help you avoid disease and premature aging, so that you face each and every New Year with happiness and vitality!


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