How To Get Fit Fast

Although it is true that any fitness programme does take time and commitment to achieve noticeable results, there are ways to speed up the process.

Getting fit benefits us greatly in many different ways, increasing muscle tone, weight loss, flexibility and being able to generally do more and enjoy life more to name a few, but the thought of it taking forever to see any results can be disheartening to many people. Although it is true that any fitness programme does take time and commitment to achieve noticeable results, there are ways to speed up the process.

Many people get into a fitness routine of the same exercises every day, but this can actually hinder progress. The best way to start achieving fast results is to shake it up and do exercises which work different muscle groups at once. Although this is generally more tiring and will make the body ache more in the beginning, it will also provide the most efficient workout.

A great and efficient way to incorporate a range of exercises into a fitness routine is to take a class in martial arts. There is a huge range of martial arts disciplines to choose from, with the more high impact side providing a great cardio workout, as well as teaching self-defence. Martial Arts is also a great way to expand your mind and learn about a different culture, while increasing your fitness, agility, muscle tone and coordination.

Because Martial Arts incorporates a range of different exercises, it will help increase all-over fitness very quickly.

High Intensity Interval training, or HIIT, is another way to speed up results and make the body get fit fast. Interval training is a workout that is done at a very high intensity for a few minutes, followed by a period of slow exercise or resting. The American Heart Association has seen significant results in their research that this is one of the best ways to not only beat cardiovascular disease, to also to get fit fast. source.

Cardio is another form of exercise that will produce fast results, though it is advised to start slow and build up, anything that increases heart rate and makes you sweat, though it may be uncomfortable, will very quickly send fitness levels skyrocketing in a very short period of time. Activities like power-walking, running and swimming are all amazing activities that quickly burn fat and work muscles. The added benefit to working out at home is that fitness will become integrated as a lifestyle change, rather than something only done at the gym, or being seen as a chore.

Perhaps the most important part of getting fit fast is setting achievable goals. This will not only increase motivation, but is also beneficial on tracking progress. Even starting small, 10 lengths in the pool or power walking around the park, gives a great sense of achievement and is encouraging because it shows tangible results. It’s important to always try to push limits in fitness and this method of charting progress will help greatly when it comes to motivation. Discipline is vital to getting fit, but fitness is a goal that is well within the reach of anyone!


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