10 Back To School Tips for Parents

The back to school period can be filled with both joy and sadness. You’ve enjoyed spending more time with the kids over the summer but it can be sad to see them go. Your children are probably feeling a range of emotions too, from happiness at seeing their friends to angst at starting in a new class. Make the most of this transitionary period by following our tips.


1. Get Ready for a New Start


It’s a new school year, which gives everyone a chance to start fresh. What are the things that you’d like to improve on from last year? You could try to get pack lunches prepared the night before or you could aim to help your child get their school work finished with time to spare.


2. Streamline Your Morning Routine


Mornings can often be hectic during term time. You start off well, having everyone out the door on time but as the term progresses; it can fall apart and turn into chaos! Give everyone a better chance by setting up a routine you can stick to. Try having your child’s clothes laid out ready for them’…


3. It’s the Perfect Time for a New Hobby


Getting back to school can mean a lot of homework. Making sure that your child’s after-school time isn’t filled with homework alone will make term time smoother. A new hobby is a perfect way to add some fun to the new year. Something like martial arts is a great way for your child to have fun and make new friends, in an environment designed to promote physical fitness, confidence and self-esteem.


4. Eat Well


Starting the day with a nutritious filling breakfast and packing a healthy and balanced lunch for your children can all help your children have more energy and lead to better concentration at school. There are many ways of introducing healthy food into your child’s lunch box; from using colourful vegetables to cutting them into fun shapes.


5. Get on Top of Homework Right Away


Even the youngest school attendees seem to get homework now. Struggling through homework after school can be upsetting, but it has to be done. The best thing to do is set a homework routine as soon as possible. Get it out of the way as soon as you both have time.


6. Be a Member of the School Community


Being connected to your child’s school will benefit both you and them. You can get involved in a number of different ways. Many parents volunteer at their child’s school by supervising at lunch or going on trips. If you don’t have time to do that, you can be involved in other ways, such as helping to organise school events.


7. Reconnect with Friends


Over the summer, both you and your children might not have been in touch with school friends. Getting back to school gives you a chance to reconnect. As well as organising for your child to spend time with their friends outside of school, don’t forget to meet up with other parents.


8. Read More at Home


If you haven’t had much reading time lately, it’s a great time to pick it up. Kids will be reading a lot at school, but you don’t want reading to become a forced school activity. Reading together at home promotes it as fun and relaxing.


9. Look Forward to Time Off School


It might only just be back to school time, but there’s no harm in looking ahead to the holidays. Keeping the October half-term in mind gives everyone something to look forward to. You can use the holidays as a time to give out rewards for good behaviour during the term.


10. Decompress at the End of the Day


School days can feel extremely long, especially for younger children. They can be full of both joy and frustration, so letting out some of those feelings is a good idea. Take time to talk about the day at the end of it so your kids can share their experiences.



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