Low Cost Fitness Activities For Children

Helping children stay active can be one of hardest challenges facing any parent, especially when kids face distractions such as game consoles, smartphones and laptops. These activities do have the potential to impact on their physical and emotional development.

Of course, spending a little time enjoying these devices and platforms can be very beneficial. However, finding the right balance between these and encouraging children to take part in physical exercise is key – plus it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

Read on for fitness activity ideas for children to try…

Martial Arts Class

Structured environments can be very beneficial for your child, though. Similarly, it’s important to encourage a variety of different activities to help children stay motivated.

Martial Arts classes for children can help them develop a host of skills in a fun and rewarding environment. Whether it’s individually or in a group, it’s another way for them to exercise and learn skills like leadership, listening and focus.

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Home Fitness Workout

If your children spend hours on their tablets, laptops, and smartphones, then why not use these to encourage active play? Not only does it promote physical exercise, but it’s a convenient way for the whole family to take some exercise.

You can find a whole host of child-friendly exercise routines on YouTube, which you can use to give your child some gentle encouragement to join. You could use this as part of your own fitness routine and let your child join in when they want to. Even if it’s only once in a blue moon, it can only have a positive influence.

Treasure Hunts

Kids love to explore, and they love the excitement of surprise. Organising a simple treasure hunt is the ideal way to celebrate both ideas and it’s another chance to exercise! Meanwhile, it also encourages the idea that hard work results in rewards.

The prizes don’t have to be expensive, and setting the game up shouldn’t cost you anything. As long as everyone has fun, that’s all that matters.

Team Sports

One of the most important factors of encouraging increased physical activity is to make exercise fun. Team sports are a fantastic way to achieve this, and can also help children develop key skills in a rewarding environment.

Signing your child up to a weekend team won’t cost a lot, while a school team should be free. Alternatively, you can get together with other parents and take your kids over to the local park to play as a group. Either way, it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to encourage activity. This could even help children grow in confidence, establish greater communication skills and friendships in the process.


Most children love cycling! Bicycles are an amazing asset for encouraging a more active lifestyle. In truth, teaching your child to ride a bike is one of the most rewarding moments in any parent’s life. But what do you do after that?

For some children, their bike might remain unused for months. If this is the case then why not add some variety by checking out new routes as a family. Not only will you get fitter together, but you’ll also spend more time together too.


Alongside cycling, swimming is another activity that can be rewarding for both parent and child. Swimming can also build up strength and coordination as well teaching them a valuable life skill. In many locations, it’s possible to find free swimming classes at the local pool.

Dance Party

Not all physical activities are just about exercise. It’s equally important to give children an opportunity to express their personality. A dance party is the perfect solution.

Let your kids invite a few friends around, and grab the CD player or stick iTunes on. If they get too tired, you can mix it up with other activities such as karaoke. Either way, it’s the ideal way for them to enjoy some non-competitive activity.

Go To The Park

Sounds a little obvious, but so many kids miss out on the simple joys of going to the public park. Whether it’s using a climbing frame, swings, or slide it hardly matters. Those activities are brilliant ways for young children to grow physically and mentally. And it’s a brilliant way to encourage activity with other kids too.


We hope these children’s fitness ideas have inspired you. If you’d like your children to try something for free, then why not try a free martial arts classes. To find one near you, just go to our martial arts classes search to find out more.


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