Three health problems you can avoid if you practise martial arts

You might be under the impression that you’ll be putting yourself in harm’s way by taking up martial arts. The truth is that you’ll really be protecting your body in more ways than you actually realise, including the fact that combat sports have the potential to assist you in steering clear of numerous health problems. This is something to consider if you’re thinking of taking them up or if you’re keen to get your children to give them a go. Let’s look at three health problems that you can avoid if you practice martial arts.


It might come as a surprise to learn that more than 28% of people are now classed as obese, according to research published in the Health Survey for England. Obesity is closely linked with other ailments, including high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Thankfully, you’ll be taking strides to avoid becoming obese by taking up physical activity. And what’s a great form of exercise? Martial arts! After all, nothing gets your heart beating and your blood pumping quite like the martial arts.


You’ll be protecting your mental health if you dabble in martial arts. This means that you can keep the likes of depression and anxiety at bay. The reason for this is that you’ll learn a range of sub-skills that are helpful for your general wellbeing, including the ability to form relationships with your fellow competitors. There’s also the likelihood that you’ll develop a greater degree of self-confidence, which can lead to improved mental health.


You might well wonder: how can the martial arts help you to avoid injuries? Well, the answer is that they’ll lead you to have greater reflexes, balance and the ability to think much faster on your feet. Over the course of your life, this should mean that you’re less likely to do such things like fall over or bump into things – ultimately meaning you will be less likely to damage your health through injuries.

Give it a go! If you fancy reaping these awards then it’s about time that you took up martial arts. To find a school where you can really hone your craft no matter what skill level you’re at, search for a school near you.


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