The Benefits of Martial Arts by Students

Read about how martial arts has helped these students to boost their confidence, improve their fitness and spend more time together as a family.

Using Martial Arts To Improve Personal Fitness…

“Growing up I always struggled with physical activities and had issues with my legs and balance. This improved a little growing up but I was left with a lack of confidence in my physical ability. Since beginning my training, I have noticed a huge improvement, particularly in my lower body strength. This has in turn improved my balance and confidence. My fitness level has also grown massively and I have lost nearly two stone in weight. All of this means I generally feel better, have more energy and am able to do more with my two children. Added to this, I hugely enjoy the training and being part of a lovely school with a family feel to it. I look forward to the days when we train and I am disappointed when work commitments mean I have to miss a class. I cannot overstate how much of a positive impact Kuk Sool has had on my life and would recommend unreservedly to anyone.”

Chris Nicolaou – Kuk Sool Won of Thetford

Martial Arts As A Family Activity…

“My husband and I took our 10 year old son to a open day at Thetford Academy,this then resulted in the whole family joining Thetford Kuk Sool Won in May 2014. We have enjoyed our time at Kuk Sool Won and learnt so many new things since joining and have had been through 2 testings to gain our next belt which we have been supported by PKJN Kris French and Jenny French when I first started I was seriously lacking in self confidence this has improved to such a level where as a team this summer we completed our first demonstration in Thetford,through PKJN and Jenny’s support they have given me the confidence to enter my first tournament this month. The atmosphere is fantastic and we all work as a team and a family supporting each other when we don’t find things easy. So I would encourage any adult or child to try Kuk Sool Won and enjoy all the challenges that face you. So from Anna, Anth and Joshua, thank you Sir and Ma’am.”

Anna Elmer – Kuk Sool Won of Thetford

Giving Children A Confidence Boost…

“Since my son started training with Kuk Sool Won the benefits to him have been significant. In just over a year it is not just his physical health that has improved but also his self confidence and self esteem. The greatest change however has been in his behaviour and his overall respect for others. This, prior to Kuk Sool, was a great concern for me so, you must appreciate, the benefits are not just for my son but also for me. He is now ambitious to do well, not just in Kuk Sool but also in other aspects of his life. I am proud of my son and grateful for the help and support Kuk Sool has given us.”

Jack Eves

These student stories were kindly sent to us by Kris French of Kuk Sool Won Of Thetford.

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