How Martial Arts Teaches Your Child Commitment

Are you finding it difficult for your child to complete tasks? Even daily chores at home, you need to remind them daily to do it, and it’s always a struggle with a lot of sighs, grunts and foot-stomping. And let’s not even get started on school work! How many nights before an assignment is due has to be in when your child runs into your room frantically and shouting that it has to be in tomorrow? Your child might be young, and you brush it off that it’s only a phase. Still, responsibility and commitment are two fundamental values that need to be taught in a young life. Martial Arts, amongst other things, embodies these values and teaches students the importance of commitment, not only while practising the art but also in their daily lives.

Here Till The End

The very first commitment your child will face is the commitment to show up for every class. It sounds very basic, but it can be a real struggle in a young mind. Pure pressure is a daily force in their lives, from their friends and their school. The martial arts class schedule is set beforehand, but should their friends tell them that they are going to the mall or playing games online after school. Your child will have to make a conscious decision of whether to follow their friends or stick to the commitment of showing up for their martial arts class. Part of the sensei’s job is not only to teach the art to your child but to reinforce commitment values in your child by encouraging them during their classes to show up and work harder. So that should they show up for every class and practice, their chances to graduate to the next colour belt will be higher.

All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait 

Instant gratification is, unfortunately, a very real part of your child’s life. Whether it is by watching Netflix where they don’t need to wait for the next episode next week or social media because you get instant responses. However, martial arts will teach them the rewards of delayed gratification. Every child wants to be a Power Ranger or Karate Kid. But they soon realise that it will not take a class or two to achieve that level of skills. You need to work hard and have to go through the same kata’s numerous times. Your child will commit to the goal of achieving the skills they saw either from other older martial arts students or what they saw on television. 

Values And Qualities 

Martial arts is fundamentally based on, amongst other values:

  • Respect 
  • Honour 
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty 

And character-building qualities such as:

  • Maturity
  • Humility
  • Inner peace
  • Responsibility 

Martial arts is not only a beautiful art form, great physical activity and teaches your child how to defend themselves in a sticky situation. In addition, the principles and values your child will learn and take out will help them grow into a remarkable independent young adult. 


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