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Newport City Martial Arts | 85 Commercial Street |  Newport |  Monmouthshire |  NP20 1LS

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Newport City Martial Arts | 85 Commercial Street |  Newport |  Monmouthshire |  NP20 1LS

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30Children 3 - 4Kickboxing and KaratePandas
Monday16:4517:15Kickboxing and KarateDragons
Monday17:3018:15Kickboxing and KarateLittle Samurai
Monday18:3019:15Kickboxing and KarateBlack Belt
Tuesday16:0016:30Children 5 - 6Kickboxing and KarateDragons
Tuesday16:4517:30Kickboxing and KarateSamurai
Tuesday17:4518:30Kickboxing and KarateLittle Samurai
Tuesday18:4519:30Kickboxing and KarateWarriors
Tuesday19:4520:45Adults 16+Kapap Krav MagaKapap Krav Maga
Wednesday16:0016:30Children 3 - 4Kickboxing and KaratePandas
Wednesday16:4517:15Children 5 - 6Kickboxing and KarateDragons
Wednesday17:3018:15Kickboxing and KarateLittle Samurai
Wednesday18:3019:15Kickboxing and KarateBlack Belts
Thursday16:4517:30Kickboxing and KarateSamurai
Thursday17:4518:30Kickboxing and KarateLittle Samurai
Thursday18:4519:30Kickboxing and KarateWarriors
Thursday19:4520:45Adults 16+Kapap Krav MagaKapap Krav Maga
Saturday9:009:45Children 3 - 4Kickboxing and KaratePandas
Saturday10:0010:30Children 5 - 6Kickboxing and KarateDragons
Saturday10:4511:30Kickboxing and KarateLittle Samurai
Saturday11:4512:30FamilyKickboxing and KarateFamily Class

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"My daughter has been a student at NCMA since she was 7. Ellie-may is now 11, nearly 12. Ellie-may has improved in all aspects of her life due to the classes and teaching skills of Master Smith and his instructors. They are a team of instructors that work together to benefit the children in martial arts and other areas of their lives"

L P Hermanis

"“Our son has belonged to this martial arts class for 9 years and has achieved his 3rd Dan black Belt. His training gave him the confidence to defend himself against a knife attack. He really enjoys the lessons and the fitness."


"My child has attended Newport City Martial Arts for 4 years, starting in Pandas, progressing to Dragons and now attends Young Leaders. The classes include life skills such as self discipline, moral values and team work. My child has benefited with increased concentration and the fitness levels gained support his other sporting interests. He has also made lots of other friends during his time at at NCM"

Michelle Vine

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