WKO Llanelli

WKO Martial Arts & Fitness Centre  | Unit 13 The DEN |  Dafen Trade Park |  Llanelli |  Carmarthenshire |  SA14 8NA

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WKO Martial Arts & Fitness Centre  | Unit 13 The DEN |  Dafen Trade Park |  Llanelli |  Carmarthenshire |  SA14 8NA

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0018:00Children 8 - 15Light Contact JuniorJunior Light Contact
Monday19:1020:10Adults 16+Full Contact AdultsAdults Full & Light Contact
Tuesday16:0016:45Children 4 - 7Little Warriors kickboxingLittle Warriors
Tuesday17:0018:00Children 8 - 15Sport Karate JuniorJuniors Points Fighting
Wednesday17:0018:00Children 8 - 15Light Contact JuniorJunior Light Contact
Wednesday18:1019:10Adults 16+Full Contact AdultsAdults Full & light contact
Thursday16:0016:45Children 4 - 7Little Warriors kickboxingLittle Warriors
Thursday17:0018:00Children 8 - 15Sport Karate JuniorJunior points fighting
Thursday19:0520:05Adults 16+Sport Karate AdultsAdults Points Fighting
Friday16:0016:45Children 4 - 7Little Warriors kickboxingLittle Warriors
Friday17:0018:00Children 8 - 15Light Contact Junior, Sport Karate JuniorJunior Freestyle Kickboxing
Friday18:1019:10Adults 16+Sport Karate AdultsAdults Freestyle Kickboxing

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Martial Arts, Kickboxing Classes

friendly family run club that has a first class reputation in the world of martial arts, teaching fit for purpose kickboxing classes that suit all ages & levels of ability.

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"Training with WKO has been a breath of fresh air for me. I last took part in some kickboxing two years ago - it didn't work out for me so I chose not to continue with kickboxing and thought my kickboxing days were over. I'm absolutely over the moon to be training with WKO now, as I do feel I have the ability to take part in kickboxing again - I have had such a positive experience training using Zoom - I feel there is so much more positive things to look forward with the new place opening and I feel privileged to be part of such a great team of people. Thank you all."

Luisa Arianna

"WKO has been more than I ever expected. From the bare minimum experience, I’ve felt as included and important as every other member of the club. I’ve loved all aspects of training, from fitness drills to sparring, but most importantly the people around me in the club have made my time at the club so amazing. On and off the tatami, the support and guidance that this club has to offer is second to none"

Tom Wright

"This club gave faith such a confidence boost its been amazing, she started scared and shy and in a short period of time she over came these issues. It’s made faith a lot more active & confident. She feels so comfortable with every single person in club, she receives support for the coaches, all the students & parents continuously. It’s an amazing club for faith and us as her parents to be apart of."

Jennifer Hallet

"It has been great to be a part of a welcoming team and my boys confidence has grown massively during this time. It has not only given them an opportunity to meet friends but also as a parent to meet others whilst the kids are training has been great. Both tens and leigh are amazing coaches to my boys and have had a positive effect on their behaviour especially in regards with Tyler with his adhd and temper out bursts, they have never judged him and have always been there to support him on his bad days. The pats, Tracy, Martin and Jeff also play a massive part to the club and its an honour to be included . Keep up the amazing work."

Leanna Dennis

"My personal experience has been amazing, wouldn’t want to train anywhere else!! It’s brought my brother and myself a lot closer and we look forward to training every session. It’s an amazing environment where different types of people of all ages get along and train hard. Also, it’s been amazing to watch the club grow and become what it is today, and I am excited for the future."

Adrianna Krygier

"Moving to WKO was one of the best decisions I have made. within the first year I won a tournament that I had been trying to win for years I feel under the fantastic coaching system at WKO this is just the start for me I cannot wait for the future with WKO. To add to all the positives the club is like one big family that I feel very much a part of."

Chloe Davies

"Lily has been training for the last 4 years, in that time she has massively grown in confidence, made friends for life and has had some amazing opportunities in top tournaments! The training and support she has had from day one has been fantastic. As a parent we love the club, and the people who run it and have enjoyed the experience of going to the tournaments to watch the team compete. We can’t thank Leigh and tens enough for their hard work and support they have shown to lily and everyone else in the club!"

Kelly Evans

"Since joining WKO in January I can honestly say it feels like we've been there years. We were made to feel welcome and supported from the get go, by all the family and team mates, the camaraderie is second to none and I'm so glad we made the decision to join"

Emma Turner

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