Kihonkai Karate Academy

Motherwell Dojo | South Dalziel Dance Studio |  240 Orbiston Street |  Motherwell |  North Lanarkshire |  ML1 1QF

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Motherwell Dojo | South Dalziel Dance Studio |  240 Orbiston Street |  Motherwell |  North Lanarkshire |  ML1 1QF

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Friday16:3017:15Children 5 - 7NinjasNinja's Motherwell
Friday17:1518:15Children 7 - 11Kihonkai DojoMotherwell Dojo Children Karate
Friday18:1519:15Kihonkai DojoMotherwell Dojo 12 years to adult Beginner to Senior grade

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Karate Classes

Kihonkai Karate Academy has been based in lanarkshire since 1987, over the many years we have produced,developed and promoted karate students of all ages and of all levels. Our classes throughout the local area are designed to ensure all our members get the best tuition from fully qualified instructors. All classes have one common thread FUN, FITNESS and CONFIDENCE. With locations throughout North and South Lanarkshire to choose from the Kihonkai Karate Academy is one of the most popular and successful Karate Academy’s in Scotland.

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"Highly recommend, whether you're young or old, you will become part of the family. Amazing to see how close the team are, they support one another and are driven every step by Sensei Stevie and the other senior members. Give it a try..."

Mark Gailey

"Kihonkai has helped my son not only to learn karate but to have confidence in his own abilities, be committed, have fun & be a part of a great club. This is thanks to members & sensei Stevie Mason. Can't praise the club enough."

Heather Simpson

"Both my son and I are members and it's an amazing club with amazing coaches and team mates - would HIGHLY recommend this club to anyone who has an interest in karate"

Hazel Stevenson

"I have been training at Kihonkai for over 12 years and it has been the best thing I have ever done. I have got to meet amazing people and have even got to compete for my country. I highly recommend Kihonkai Karate Academy and it's chief instructor Stevie Mason."

Scott Easson

"My son has been attending this academy for a year and a half and loves it , been great for his confidence and all sensies and everyone who also attends the academy are friendly and really helpful . Would recommend this club to anyone thinking off learning the art of karate !!"

Kevin Thomson

"Love this club. Everyone is so friendly and professional and made me and my son feel very welcome"

Allison Miller

"Highly skilled and enthusiastic team of instructors with Stevie Mason Shihan leading the way. wealth of top class knowledge from a greatly admired instructor. Top drawer dojo. Can't recommend enough"

Scott Wilson

""Thirty years of existence for the Kihonkai Dojo bears testament to the founder, owner and chief instructor. Sensei Stevie Mason. He is without doubt the opitome of what a true Sensei entails a karateka that set the example by being a training man, a Budoka a man who understands discipline but at the same time compassion and a karateka with an outstanding technical knowledge of Karate-do. Scotland can be proud of Stevie Mason as KWF are and as I am to have the privilege to call him friend"."

KWF Grand master Mikio Yahara

"I have only been training again for 6 months months since being away from karate for 3 years. I decided not to go back to my old JKA club and so glad i joined Kihonkai Karate Academy. Sensei has a great ability to get the best out of you whether a senior or a junior and has inspired me to want to grade and compete again. I also have no hesitation recommending his clubs to anyone"

Paul Gallagher

"The pupil will learn how to defend themselves, they will learn to respect themselves and you are part of an awesome team who will help you through your training. You will become a great and very fit, fast karate student. You will become part of a great team."

William Leslie

"Best Club and Instructors ever. My husband & 2 children and I travel from West Lothian every week to train there, well worth sitting in traffic jams for. They wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for Sensei Stevie encouraging them all the way. Very proud to be members of the club. Made amazing friends and we feel like part of the family best thing ever - RESPECT."

Nikki McAulay

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