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Jordanhill School |  45 Chamberlain Rd |  Glasgow |  Lanarkshire |  g13 1sp

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Jordanhill School |  45 Chamberlain Rd |  Glasgow |  Lanarkshire |  g13 1sp

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday18:4519:45Adults, Children, Family 7+ShotokanKarate Kids (7-9 years) - Mon - JHS
Monday19:5020:50Adults, Children, Family 10+ShotokanAdvance Class - Mon - JHS

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Karate Classes

JKS Glasgow is a family-run martial arts school with classes across Glasgow. That means we value each and every one of our students, push them to achieve their goals, and provide them support throughout their Karate journey! So whether you hope to train for a competition setting, to enhance your overall health and wellness, or to learn practical self-defence skills, our professional and compassionate team at JKS Glasgow can help you meet and exceed your goals.

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"Brilliant classes, Seon is fantastic with the kids, my daughters confidence has improved massively since starting. Would definitely recommend!"

Rachel Fleming

"JKS is fantastic! Seon is always quick to answer any queries and has great communication about any events, changes to schedule and class information. My girls started august last year and genuinely love going every Saturday morning, their confidence has grown and I was shocked at how much they have learned and taken on board. Great club with continued support. Always recommending to friends and family & will continue to do so. #teamjks"

Antonia Mcinnes

"It’s great for the kids, my boy goes here and he loves every minute! Seon the instructor is great with them 100%recommended !! 👍🥋"

Peter Baldwin

"My daughter absolutely loves her Ninja Turtles class on a Saturday and always looks forward to it. It’s great exercise, she has loads of fun and we’ve been particularly impressed by the way that the instructor has prioritised the safety of all of the pupils and adults during the pandemic. I would definitely recommend!"


"JKS Glasgow is a brilliant club with a welcoming family feel. It’s a fun supportive environment for students, and their families. Seon is brilliant instructor who invests in each individual and recognises individuals strengths 🥋 JKS Glasgow creates a pathway to many exciting opportunities, my daughter who started off aged 4, as a Ninja Turtle has excelled over the years, allowing her to compete at an international level and achieve her black belt. The opportunities are endless and available to every student."


"JKS Glasgow is an Exceptional karate school, Sensei Seon is a very skilled instructor who is very professional, Patient and kind. The Sessions are intense and very very enjoyable and I love taking part in them. 1000% recommend this club!"


"Brilliant club my granddaughter joined when she was 5 and loves it she is now brown and white belt now she has never looked back full of confidence the karate instructor is very supportive and couldn't do anymore through this hard time VERY GOOD CLUB"


"I highly recommend!! A great way to use up excess energy at different levels of fitness. The JKS Glasgow and its members bravely support and help in this difficult time. With great commitment, they supplement their young learners' time with online karate classes, games, quizzes and other fun events. I am lucky that we have finally managed to discover a club that truly believes in the skills of their students and supports them in further development."


"Excellent club with brilliant Sensei. More than just a club though!"


"Great club, before and during all lockdowns, when in lockdown we've had online classes, quiz nights, and gaming competitions, which has helped us sooo much, and also nothing is too much bother, Sensei Seon and family are always happy to help no matter what the issue. Thank you very much Darcy and family xx"


"My son Bruce joined JKS Glasgow 3 years ago and absolutely loves it. Seon is a great coach who has a fantastic rapport with kids and adults alike. Being part of the larger JKS Scotland association provides several opportunities to train with coaches from all around the world. Bruce is a member of the JKS Glasgow and JKS Scotland Squads giving him the opportunity to compete several times a year both locally and internationally. I cant recommend this club highly enough."


"Amazing club…. Really nice people to train with and all in all a really good experience for adults and kids…. So if you want to learn self defence and or get fit this is the place to do that."


"My 3 kids & niece are students at the JKS Glasgow. They have been attending classes for a few years now and are all brown belts and above. Managing to achieve this through pure dedication and hard work, also having a wonderful teacher who makes class fun but also can push them to their full potential. My kids have made loads of friends and have became more confident within themselves and keep growing from strength to strength every year. I would highly recommend this academy to everyone – kids & adults."


"My Son has been training at JKS Glasgow for a few months now, I really have seen a huge change in his Temperament and attitude. He’s so focused and has a fire in himself to improve. This is because of the Sensei’s at JKS Glasgow Constantly spurring him on to progress. The quality of karate from the instructors is outstanding & professional. It’s a family friendly club and we love it. 1000% recommend this club."


"JKS Glasgow is (by far) not just a karate school, is a day-life academy. The students are instructed to be respectful and kind with the people and be able to manage different situations (eg. How to avoid fight or confrontations) under the guidance of the best Sensei in Scotland. Finally, JKS Glasgow is a prestigious academy with amazing participation in national and international competitions. So, the best option for your kids and you if you are thinking about learn (seriously) martial arts is JKS Glasgow!"


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