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Mindsparx Health and Wellbeing  | Unit 2 |  36 Commerce Street |  Aberdeen  |  Aberdeenshire |  AB11 5BR

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Mindsparx Health and Wellbeing  | Unit 2 |  36 Commerce Street |  Aberdeen  |  Aberdeenshire |  AB11 5BR

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:3017:00Children 3 - 4Little Dragons 3-4
Monday17:3018:15Children 8 - 9Tigers
Monday18:1519:00Children 9 - 11COBRASCobras
Monday18:1519:00Children 12 - 16Samurai
Tuesday16:3017:00Children 3 - 4DRAGONSLittle Dragons
Tuesday17:0017:30Children 5 - 7NINJASLittle Ninjas
Tuesday17:3018:15Children 8 - 9TIGERSTigers
Tuesday18:1519:00Children 12 - 16SAMURAISamurai
Tuesday18:1519:00Children 9 - 11COBRASCobras
Tuesday19:0020:00Adults 16+WARRIORSWarrior Adults
Wednesday20:0021:00Adults 16+Warrior Bootcamp
Thursday17:3018:15Children 8 - 9TIGERSTigers
Thursday18:1519:00Children 9 - 11Cobras
Thursday18:1519:00Children 12 - 16SAMURAISamurai
Thursday19:0020:00Adults 16+WARRIORSWarrior Adults
Friday17:0017:30Children 5 - 7NINJASLittle Ninjas
Friday17:3018:15Children 8 - 9TIGERSTigers
Friday18:1519:00Children 12 - 16SAMURAISamurai
Friday18:1519:00Children 9 - 11COBRASCobras
Friday18:4519:30Children, Family 6+COBRAS, SAMURAI, TIGERS, WARRIORSFamily Karate Class
Saturday12:3013:00Children 5 - 7NINJASLittle Ninjas
Saturday13:0013:45Adults, Children 8+COBRAS, SAMURAI, TIGERS, WARRIORSFamily Karate Class

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Karate Classes

Welcome to Mindsparx Black Belt Academy, we are proud to serve our community with Exciting and High Energy Martial Arts and Fitness classes for all abilities. Children as young as 3 years old to Adults can learn the art of Sport Karate. Our Specially Designed classes offer the opportunity to expand on life skills including Confidence, Discipline, Coordination, Focus and Control, as well as many others.

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