Nurturing Your Child’s Potential Through Martial Arts

Build up your little buttercups to be self-assured, confident and team players by signing them up to a Martial Arts class…

Nurture Their Potential

Get Into Martial Arts offers free trial Martial Arts lessons across the UK through a network of Martial Arts providers. You don’t have to pay anything at all, just take your email confirmation with you to the free trial lesson wherever your child decides to start their Martial Arts training. Children can start Martial Arts lessons from an early age and some lessons start from 3 years.


Classes require students to show respect in lots of different ways, ranging from bowing to waiting patiently for instructions and following them. Improved concentration and increased levels of respect often carry over into school and could help academic performance.


The sense of discipline learned from Martial Arts encourages self-restraint and improved concentration, which can be valuable assets in other aspects of life.

Self-Esteem And Target Setting

Within most Martial Arts, progress is marked by a belt system, with students earning different coloured belts as they become more advanced. Rewarding progress and achievement on a regular basis can build confidence and higher levels of self-esteem within children. Moreover, the grading process, which requires students to strive towards reaching their next belt colour, is seen as a valuable lesson in target-setting, teaching children to make clear goals and working towards them in order to get their rewards.

Physical Fitness

The most obvious benefit stemming from Martial Arts training is an increased level of physical activity, leading to improved fitness levels. This is advantageous in helping children to live a healthier lifestyle, as well as helping them to perform better in other sports and activities.

Social Skills

Enrolling a child in a Martial Arts class can also have a positive impact upon their social skills, as they are placed in situations where they must work together with a partner, but in an environment where everyone shares a common interest.


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