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Marquis Hall |  5 Abbey Street |  Bangor | Bangor |  Down |  BT20 4JE

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Marquis Hall |  5 Abbey Street |  Bangor |  Bangor |  Down |  BT20 4JE

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Saturday9:1510:00Little Tiger CubsBangor Little Tiger Cubs (3-5 years)
Saturday11:0012:00Taekwon-DoBangor Active Tigers (5 to 8 Years)
Saturday12:0013:00Taekwon-DoBangor Taekwon-Do Beginner
Saturday13:0014:00Taekwon-DoBangor Taekwon-Do Advanced

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Taekwondo Classes

UKTC Taekwondo-Do: Children (5 Years+), Teenagers, and Adults Suitable for both Males and Females, Taekwondo-Do will improve your fitness, coordination and self-confidence. Taekwondo-Do training is safe, practical, and enjoyable. Little Tiger Cubs: Children (3-5 years) Little Tiger Cub classes feature a variety of fun and engaging exercises, loosely based on the teaching attributes of martial arts. The classes are suitable all abilities and encourage the development of both physical and social skills. The classes have been designed to fit with the National Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (England & Wales) and the Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland).

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