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Kung Fu is used to describe a collection of Chinese Martial Arts, and a series of hard and soft fighting styles that has developed over a long period of time. Modern Kung Fu classes teach self-defence techniques drawing from different styles as set out below, with kicking, punching and sometimes the use of weapons.

However, the Chinese term Kung Fu isn’t just about Martial Arts. It can be used to describe an individual accomplishment or refined skill that’s achieved after hard work. So it can be used to describe any skill obtained in this way.

Originally developed over 4,000 years ago, Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu was initially just utilised as a form of wrestling before having strikes, throws and joint manipulation added in as the combat system evolved. For newcomers to the sport, Kung Fu may seem very similar to Karate, but Kung Fu forms use graceful, circular techniques. Whilst the arts were developing they were heavily influenced by, and often intertwined with, religious and symbolic beliefs through the cultural advancement of China. For example, the Taoist beliefs of Ying and Yang, symbolising universal opposites helped to develop the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ techniques within the Martial Art.


Kung Fu classes not only provide students with a great knowledge of ancient self-defence Martial Arts techniques, but they’re a great form of high-intensity workouts. The range of kicks, punches and grappling techniques that you’ll typically learn in a Kung Fu class will provide students of all ages with enhanced flexibility, resistance conditioning, and improvements to physical strength, endurance and overall fitness levels too. 

Kung Fu is practiced using a variety of methods, due to its many sub styles. The most prominent ways in which it’s practiced are through traditional development, focusing on stances and basic forms with a promotion of meditation to help further the abilities of the practitioners. When basic and more advanced techniques have been obtained, the use and study of weapons training is introduced.


“Kung Fu” does not refer to any spesific martial art. There are many types such as Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun​. There can be different grading systems in place depending on the school or particular style of Kung Fu but some of the grades could include:

Beginner Grade: White Belt

Orange Belt

Red Belt

Yellow belt

Green belt

Purple Belt

Blue Belt

Brown Belt

Black Belt


Kung Fu classes are popular for all ages of Martial Arts students – from young children to older participants, both male and female. Regardless of your background or fitness levels, you’ll be welcome along to your local Kung Fu club.

Depending on the particular Kung Fu school’s criteria, lessons tend to start with children as young as 5 years old, and there is no upper-end to the scale.

You don’t need to have any previous experience of the sport. Many Kung Fu clubs will accept participants who have never who have never tried this or any Martial Arts – in fact, the sport tends to be popular with those who want to try something completely new.

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