Learning To Cope With Dyslexia

Aaliyah Bentley, now aged 13, started at the age of 4 in our little Dragons section. Aaliyah was severely dyslexic.

Over the years the impact that Aaliyah’s Martial Arts training and accomplishments of gold medals at International and National Championships have allowed her to come to a very mature and confident attitude towards her dyslexia.

While Aaliyah still struggles with the practical aspects element of reading and writing she has made great improvement in that area. What she and her parents have found is the mature way she deals with the dyslexia on a day to day level with her peers and those around her. She has the confidence and ability to laugh out loud at herself if she says or gets words wrong and has no hesitation in meeting and greeting people for the first time, yet she never uses her dyslexia as an excuse for anything.

In short her Dyslexia has been looked on as a gift that has brought about a change in attitude where her parents looked to raise her confidence and self esteem through Martial Arts and it’s certainly has done this.

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