Worcester Judo Club

Worcester Judo Club |  2 Westbury Street |  Worcester |  Worcestershire |  WR1 1AA

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Worcester Judo Club |  2 Westbury Street |  Worcester |  Worcestershire |  WR1 1AA

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:4518:45Children 5 - 15JudoJunior Class - Beginners
Monday19:0020:00Children 5 - 15JudoJunior Class - Intermediates
Monday20:1521:15AdultsJudoSenior Training Session
Tuesday18:3019:30Children 5 - 15JudoJunior Class - All Abilities
Tuesday19:4521:00AdultsJudoSeniors Training Session
Wednesday19:0020:00AdultsJudoSeniors Judo - Adaptive & Technical
Wednesday20:1521:15AdultsJudoSeniors Training Session
Thursday18:0019:00Children 5 - 15JudoJunior Class - Beginners
Thursday19:1520:30Children 5 - 15JudoJunior Class - Intermediates & Advanced
Saturday10:0011:00Children 5 - 15JudoJunior Class - Beginners
Saturday11:1512:30AdultsJudoSenior Training Session

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Judo Classes

Worcester Judo Club was founded in 1983 and our dojo is located just a short walk from the town centre, Our committee run club offers a range of affordable classes catering for all age groups, from 5 onwards, With a rich heritage from our founding members, over 30 years ago, we help develop our members talents through competition and ongoing training, highlighting our ongoing commitment to the sport. We are a friendly and professional club and our doors are open to those wanting to give judo a try for the first time, alongside seasoned judoka travelling through the city wanting to visit the dojo for a session on the mats.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Worcester Judo Club.

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