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Chuldow Martial Arts HQ |  23 Smyth Street |  Wakefield |  West Yorkshire |  WF1 1ED

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Chuldow Martial Arts HQ |  23 Smyth Street |  Wakefield |  West Yorkshire |  WF1 1ED

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0017:45Children 4+KickboxingKids Kickboxing (5-12yrs)
Monday17:4518:35Adults 16+Non-Contact KickboxingNon-Contact Kickboxing (1)
Monday18:4519:45Adults, Children, Family 9+KickboxingKickboxing (13+yrs)
Tuesday17:3018:30Children 7+Junior Dragons KarateJunior Dragons Karate (7-13yrs)
Tuesday18:3019:30Adults, Family 12+Adult KarateKarate (14 years +)
Wednesday17:0017:45Children 4+KickboxingKids Kickboxing (5-12yrs)
Wednesday17:4518:35Adults 16+Non-Contact KickboxingNon-Contact Kickboxing (1)
Wednesday18:4519:45Adults, Children, Family 9+KickboxingKickboxing (13+yrs)
Thursday17:3018:15Children 3+Little Ninjas Karate (3-6yrs)Little Ninjas (3-6yrs)
Thursday18:1519:15Children 7+Junior Dragons KarateJunior Dragons Karate (7-13yrs)
Thursday19:1520:15Adults 12+Adult KarateKarate (14 years +)
Saturday9:3010:15Children 3+Little Ninjas Karate (3-6yrs)Little Ninjas (3-6yrs)
Saturday10:1511:15Children 7+Junior Dragons KarateJunior Dragons Karate (7-13yrs)
Saturday11:1512:15Adult KarateKarate (14 years+)
Saturday12:4513:30Children 4+KickboxingKids Kickboxing (5-12yrs)
Saturday13:3014:30Adults, Children, Family 11+KickboxingKickboxing (13+yrs)

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Karate, Kickboxing Classes

Thank you for looking at Chuldow Martial arts. We teach Karate and Kickboxing to children and adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. . We are a family based academy that offer a professional service.

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"Connor has developed a much better level of confidence since starting his training at Chuldow. He was a challenging pupil at first as a result of his shyness, but the dedication and perseverance of the instructors and their willingness to work with parents has resulted in a happy, confident boy that looks forward to every class."

David Skeldon

"The programme is excellent and the success for life helps both children and parents to have focus and goals. We both love the classes we attend and would do more if we could."

Mrs Johnson

"What an Experience for our daughter – a great, family-oriented Academy that teaches kids to behave positively in a negative world, whilst teaching them a Martial Art that will stay with them, hopefully for the rest of their lives"

Mrs Driver

"Since my three children and I started at Chuldow 6 months ago, all our health, fitness, and confidence have grown, as we go from strength to strength. I have lost two and a half stones in the last six months and feel fantastic. I highly recommend Chuldow Martial Arts Academy, it has a great family feel, very warm and welcoming."

Anna Robinson

"I was a fit person before I started the Fitness Kickboxing class, but now my fitness level is the best it's been and I have lost the last bit of baby weight. The classes are fun, high energy circuit style work outs, you get to hit, kick , knee punch bags , skip, run, squat, push up ... you name it and I bet you will do it ."

Ruby Moore

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