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BMMA Academy South Leeds | BMMA Academy South Leeds - Morley |  First Floor, Albion Chambers, Albion Street |  Morley | Leeds |  West Yorkshire |  LS27 8DT

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BMMA Academy South Leeds | BMMA Academy South Leeds - Morley |  First Floor, Albion Chambers, Albion Street |  Morley |  Leeds |  West Yorkshire |  LS27 8DT

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30Children 4 - 7Clans, kickboxingLittle Soldiers
Monday16:3017:15Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingBeginner Cadets
Monday18:3019:15Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingCadets
Tuesday16:3017:00Children 4 - 7Clans, kickboxingLittle Soldiers
Tuesday17:0017:45Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingBeginner Cadets
Tuesday17:4518:15Children 4 - 7Clans, kickboxingLittle Soldiers
Tuesday18:1519:00Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingCadets
Tuesday19:4520:30Adults 13+Clans, kickboxingAdults Class
Wednesday16:0016:30Children 4 - 7Clans, kickboxingLittle Soldiers
Wednesday16:3017:15Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingBeginner Cadets
Wednesday17:1517:45Children 4 - 7Clans, kickboxingLittle Soldiers
Wednesday17:4518:30Adults 13+Clans, kickboxingAdults Fitness
Wednesday18:3019:15Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingCadets
Thursday16:0016:30Children 4 - 7Clans, kickboxingLittle Soldiers
Thursday16:3017:15Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingBeginner Cadets
Thursday18:3019:15Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingCadets
Friday16:3017:15Children 8 - 12Clans, kickboxingBeginner Cadets
Friday18:0018:30Children 4 - 7Clans, kickboxingLittle Soldiers

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Martial Arts, Kickboxing Classes

British Military Martial Arts is a dedicated organisation in the UK for ex-military and civilian Instructors to teach Martial Arts to adults and children. Young children and adults are welcome at all levels to learn how Martial Arts can be combined with fun, fitness and structure to help anyone get the most out of their life. Our fully qualified team of Martial Arts and Kickboxing instructors at BMMA teach discipline, respect and confidence as part of their martial arts classes.

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