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Kung Fu Schools Crawley |  1a Spindle Way |  Crawley |  West Sussex |  RH10 1TG

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Kung Fu Schools Crawley |  1a Spindle Way |  Crawley |  West Sussex |  RH10 1TG

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30Little DragonsLittle Dragons -Beginners - 4-7 years old
Monday18:1018:40Junior Warriors8-14 years old - Beginners - Junior Warriors
Monday19:3020:30AdultsAdult Beginners
Wednesday16:0016:30Little DragonsLittle Dragons -Beginners - 4-7 years old
Wednesday18:1018:40Junior Warriors8-14 years old - Beginners - Junior Warriors
Wednesday19:3020:30AdultsAdult Beginners
Saturday9:009:30Little DragonsLittle Dragons - Beginners - Saturdays
Saturday10:3011:00Junior Warriors8-14 years old - Beginners - Junior Warriors

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Fitness, Kung Fu Classes

We teach children and adults Kung Fu, developing self confidence, focus and self discipline as well as a very effective way to defend yourself and your family.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Kung Fu Schools Crawley.


"I have been training at the Kung Fu School for 4 years, and still look forward to training as much now as when I first started. The school has a very good atmosphere and instructors are very friendly, and always willing to give the time to help. Whether you want to learn the self defence or as I did the Art and tradition."

David Atkinson

"My son Ryan Wright came to your school he was 5 years behind his class in physical abilities. Thanks to the Kung Fu Schools team he has advanced to such a stage where he happily takes part and applies himself, so I would just like to thank your team of instructors for the wonderful work they have done with him."

Keith Wright

"The school is everything and much more than i could have asked for. Fantastic instructors and an excellent atmosphere and environment - 5 star"

Jo Russell

"Dara has been involved in kung fu for about 6 years, she is nearly a junior black belt which she is very proud of. She enjoys all the different ways to herself and has fun doing it, each week they learn a new word and the meaning of it. Dara has gained confidence, she loves the exercise they do before the defence class, Dara enjoys using the weapons and all the different punches and kicks. Kung Fu Schools do have get togethers for the children which they all enjoy, but most important she now has the courage and confidence to use her skills if she is ever threatened. She will be able to defend herself."

Maureen Corbett

"“Amazing place, my 5 year old is a student here and he loves it. He's learnt so much and his confidence has improved”"

Simon Vye

"My son has been coming here for a year now and loves the lessons. He confidence has grown and he loves the instructors Nick and Beth. Lessons are energetic and the style of teaching is fantastic. Recommend this kung fu school"

Simon Mac

"Went to a great ladies self defense session at Kung Fu Schools Crawley today. Master Paul Hawkes really put everyone at ease before delivering the session. The content itself was a perfect balance of theory, followed be demonstrations of moves, and subsequent time for practising these ourselves. The session ensured we all had opportunity to practise and feed back to each other, and extra time at the end for any more questions. And all this as a free session to help local ladies stay safe. Fantastic! Highly recommend anyone with even the smallest consideration to discover more about Wing Chun kung fu to go along and fund out more."

Emma R

"My 15 year old son started kung Fu 18 months ago after being attacked and his jaw broken. Kung Fu School Crawley have helped build his confidence and, knowing the reason for taking up kung Fu, have taught him how to defend and deflect should someone attack him in the future. Everyone at Kung Fu School, Crawley are very friendly and always welcome New people."

K Pavlov

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND. My son adores his lessons at Kung Fu Schools and has come on leaps and bounds in both his school and social life. Both his confidence and concentration have improved immensely in the months since he began. I do the adults classes and it is honestly one of the best things I've ever done. It's great fun (not to mention very reassuring to learn self defense), and I have built up a wonderful circle of friends through the school. The lessons have an amazing sense of camaraderie to them. The teachers are wonderful, they have a vast array of knowledge that they are massively enthusiastic to pass on, and are invested in helping you in any way they can. They make you feel very valued and encouraged"

Bec Irvine

"Kung Fu School Crawley is fantastic, my son loves the high energy fun classes. The school not only teaches Kung Fu skills but teaches the children good morals and high values, whilst having fun at the same time. Incorporated into the class is a weekly job sheet to take home which incentives children to be helpful, do homework and respect others. I highly recommend it."

Rebecca Holloway

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