Crawley Black Belt Academy

Crawley K2 |  Pease Pottage Hill |  Crawley |  West Sussex |  RH11 9BQ

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Crawley K2 |  Pease Pottage Hill |  Crawley |  West Sussex |  RH11 9BQ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday9:3010:30Adults 16+Adults Fitness 16yrs+Adults Fitness
Tuesday9:3010:15Adults 16+Adults Fitness 16yrs+Adults Fitness
Tuesday20:3021:30Adults 16+BJJ Adults 16yrs+Adults BJJ
Wednesday9:3010:30Adults 16+Adults Fitness 16yrs+Adults Fitness
Wednesday16:0016:40ChildrenLittle Ninjas 3.5-5yrsLittle Ninjas 3.5 - 5yrs
Wednesday19:2020:05Adults Fitness 16yrs+Adults Fitness
Thursday19:2020:20Adults 16+Adult Syllabus Karate 13yrs+Adults Fitness
Thursday20:3021:30Adults 16+BJJ Adults 16yrs+Adults BJJ
Friday9:3010:30Adults 16+Adults Fitness 16yrs+Adults Fitness
Sunday8:309:15Adults 16+Adults Fitness 16yrs+Adults Fitness
Sunday12:0013:00Adults 16+BJJ Adults 16yrs+Adults BJJ

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Our mission is to make our students more successful in life throughout their practice of karate and kickboxing at our school.We do this by teaching our karate and kickboxing as a complete discipline (mind body spirit) which in addition to developing physical defence, encourages the formation of high personal standards and respect for your fellow men and women.

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"Joining Crawley Black Belt Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've lost over 2 stone, gained more confidence and met some truly amazing people that I'm now lucky to count among my friends."

Wayne Tomsett

"Everyone that works for CBBA are fantastic and I couldn't recommend them highly enough :-)"

Sacha Chesney

"WOW. One of the best classes I have been too in a long long time. Intense, fun, motivational and your there to work. push through the pain and the adrenaline kicks in. can't wait for next class."

Mark Gasson

"I have been doing the cage fit class for 5 weeks. It's brilliant I have lost weight and 2/3inches off my waist. Recommend giving it a go."

Kim Gasson

"The friendly and welcoming atmosphere coupled with the knowledge of each instructor and their individual training techniques is what makes CBBA an academy that all other martial arts schools strive to be as good as."

Lee Crossan

"Boosts confidence & self esteem whilst getting fit and learning skills for life. Enthusiastic and dedicated instructors act as great role models. CBBA rocks!"

Suzy Verner

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