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Unit 71 Bizspace  | Kings Road  |  Tyseley |  Birmingham  |  West Midlands |  B11 2AP

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Unit 71 Bizspace  | Kings Road  |  Tyseley |  Birmingham  |  West Midlands |  B11 2AP

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday18:3019:30Freestyle WrestlingSLAM Wrestling 11-17yrs
Wednesday18:3019:30Freestyle WrestlingFierce Females Wrestling
Wednesday19:3021:00Strength & ConditioningStrength & Conditioning Adult
Thursday18:3019:30Freestyle WrestlingSLAM Wrestling U7 and U11
Saturday14:0015:00BoxingKnockOut Boxing 5-14yrs
Sunday11:0012:00Freestyle WrestlingSLAM Wrestling U7
Sunday12:0013:00Freestyle WrestlingSLAM Wrestling U7
Sunday13:0014:00Freestyle WrestlingSLAM Wrestling 11 -13yrs
Sunday14:0015:00Freestyle WrestlingSLAM Wrestling 14-17yrs

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Wrestling Classes

Our Vision: To be recognised as the leading organisation investing in making combat sports accessible to everyone in our community and beyond. Our mission: To equip and develop our students of all ages and abilities with transferable life skills such as self discipline, self confidence and self belief taught through Wrestling and other combat sports. Only then will our communities be more disciplined, active, safer and happier!

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