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Martial Arts & Fitness | Unit 2 |  72 Hazelwell Street |  Stirchley | Birmingham |  West Midlands |  B30 2JS

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Martial Arts & Fitness | Unit 2 |  72 Hazelwell Street |  Stirchley |  Birmingham |  West Midlands |  B30 2JS

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:3018:30Children 8 - 12Defence LabStreet Smart
Monday20:0021:00Adults 13+Defence LabDNA Fight Science
Wednesday20:0021:00Adults 13+Defence LabDNA Fight Science
Thursday18:1519:00Children 4 - 7Defence LabSuper Sparks
Thursday19:0020:00Children 8 - 12Defence LabStreet Smart
Friday18:0018:45Children 4 - 7Defence LabSuper Sparks
Friday19:0020:00Adults 13+Defence LabDNA Fight Science
Saturday9:1510:15Children 8 - 12Defence LabStreet Smart
Saturday10:1511:00Children 4 - 7Defence LabSuper Sparks

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Our leading experts will train you using the latest scientific techniques and teach you how to protect yourself in real life situations. DEFENCE LAB is a world class adaptable self-defence curriculum for both adults and kids. It has been designed not only to attain a high level in the physical art of self-defence, but the emotional and psychological as well.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Defence Lab Birmingham.


"Brilliant class, interesting and enjoyable system with a great deal of fitness involved. Highly recommend this to anyone!"

Ryan Jordan

"Brilliant, very approachable, always willing to listen and help, not afraid to tell you when your not at your best or if a techniques is not done correctly, they will push you when you need it most and pick you up when you fall."

Dal Singh

"I'd known I wanted to join some fitness classes for months before actually signing up, I just didn't know what I wanted to do! A friend told me she wanted to take advantage of the free, first DL class and I knew immediately that I wanted to go with her; it sounded exactly like the right thing for me and what I was looking for all this time. Her son belonged to kids DL, and she really liked and had confidence in Mark's facilitation style. I subsequently checked it out online and was impressed with what I saw, which just reinforced my decision to try it out. I loved it and joined immediately for all available 2 days per week."

Tomasz Stanasiuk

"Amazing realistic classes! I highly recommend them for anybody, adults or children!"

Thomas Sparkes

"Joined because it was something completely new to me, I had never heard of dl until it was mentioned to me by a family member so I was curious. I stayed because I really enjoy the classes. I love that everything we're taught is based around reality so after every class, you leave feeling more prepared/confident."

Nafisa Salim

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