Washington Taekwondo

Blue Wave Taekwondo | Arndale House |  Victoria Road |  Concord | Washington |  Tyne and Wear |  NE37 2SW

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Blue Wave Taekwondo | Arndale House |  Victoria Road |  Concord |  Washington |  Tyne and Wear |  NE37 2SW

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:1518:15Children 7 - 11TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Monday18:3019:30Children 12 - 17Taekwondotaekwondo cadets
Monday19:3020:30Adults 18+TaekwondoTaekwondo Adults
Tuesday10:0011:00Adults 18+TaekwondoTaekwondo Adults
Tuesday17:1518:15Children 6 - 11TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Tuesday19:3020:30AdultsTaekwondoLadies Martial Arts
Wednesday10:0011:00AdultsTaekwondoLadies Only
Wednesday16:3017:30Children 7 - 12TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Wednesday17:3018:30Children 7 - 12TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Wednesday18:3019:30Children 12 - 17TaekwondoTaekwondo Cadets
Wednesday19:3020:30Adults 18+TaekwondoTaekwondo Adults
Thursday10:0011:00Adults 18+TaekwondoTaekwondo Adults
Thursday16:1517:00Children 7 - 11TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors ASD
Thursday17:1518:15Children 7 - 11TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Friday16:3017:30Children 7 - 12TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Friday17:3018:30Children 7 - 11TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Friday19:3020:30AdultsTaekwondoLadies Martial Arts
Saturday9:3010:15Children 4 - 7TITANTaekwondo TITANS
Saturday10:3011:15Children 7 - 11TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Saturday11:3012:30Children 12 - 17TaekwondoTaekwondo Cadets
Sunday10:3011:30Children 7 - 11TaekwondoTaekwondo Juniors
Sunday12:3013:30FamilyTaekwondoFamily Classess

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Taekwondo Classes

Washington's longest running Taekwondo club. We cater for ages 4 years and above. Fully equipped venues with matted flooring. All of our instructors are Advanced DBS checked, First Aid trained, Safe guarding trained. We offer high level of tuition and support to help you become the best version of you.

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"Great instructors, great for my sons confidence and for keeping him off his Ipad for a few hours 🙂"

M Green

"It's a very friendly and welcoming club. The instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable with individual approach to students. Fantastic role models for my kids, promoting the right values and approach to the martial arts. The classes are both motivating and fun. We've been with this club for over 3 years; Taekwondo makes a surprisingly great family hobby too! I would encourage anyone to have a try."


"The club was very friendly and welcoming helping us complete beginners learn the basics. Right from the start I loved the mix of the different disciplines, learning self defense, sparring, pattern work and taekwondo basics. My balance and flexibility quickly improved and suddenly I found I could touch my toes again! My youngest daughter went from not wanting to exercise at all to doing press ups for fun and signing up to every sparring opportunity going. My eldest daughter has grown hugely in confidence and loves the discipline of pattern work. This club is very family friendly and to all those thinking about giving a martial art a try you couldn't do better than Washington Taekwondo."


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