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Stratfield Brake Sports Ground | Frieze Way,  |  Kidlington |  Oxfordshire |  OX51UP

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Stratfield Brake Sports Ground | Frieze Way,  |  Kidlington |  Oxfordshire |  OX51UP

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:2018:20ChildrenKickboxingSenshi Samurai kids Kickboxing class
Tuesday18:3019:30KickboxingAdult beginners Kickboxing Class
Tuesday19:3021:00Adults 16+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing Class (intermediate & advanced)
Thursday17:2018:20ChildrenKickboxingSenshi Samurai kids Kickboxing class
Thursday18:3019:30KickboxingAdult beginners Kickboxing class
Thursday19:3021:00KickboxingAdult Kickboxing class (intermediate & advanced levels)

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Kickboxing Classes

Our four instructors have been training and coaching for over 30 years and hold multiple black belts from a number of systems. These include Karate, Kickboxing and Tae Kwon-Do. Here at Senshi we combine the best techniques from each of these Martial arts into a highly effective combat system for self-defence, competition and all round fitness. We aim for our classes to be fun and friendly whilst training hard within everyone’s own capabilities.

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"Best place I have ever trained at. Top level instructors with amazing experience in combat sports and excellent approach to different levels of abilities will help anyone to achieve their goals. On top of that fun atmosphere and great people make you feel very welcome so once you try you will be hooked"

Sebastian Jureczko

"Top level instructors with lots of experience. They are very welcoming and can cater to any level. I trained with them many times when in Oxford and recommend them highly."

Eddie Cropper

"A top place to train martial arts with experienced coaches in a friendly atmosphere. All the coaches have 25 plus years experience and have competed and/or coached at international level, winning multiple medals at European, World championships and well as countless British titles. It really is the place to train in Oxfordshire!"

Gary Stuart

"Senshi Martial Arts is an outstanding place to train for many reasons first a wealth of experience and real teaching credentials mean u are learning from amongst the best in Oxford not only that all the coaches are passionate about what they do they live and breathe this stuff secondly you have fun it’s a real family yet newcomers are made to feel welcome too . So anyone interested in learning from the best and enjoying the training absolutely no better place in Oxford"

William Vanevald

"Headed by a team of coaches with extensive experience in freestyle kickboxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and MMA, Senshi Martial Arts is by far the best martial arts club in Oxford."

Oliver Brew

"Wanting to take my Martial Arts skills to the next level I joined Senshi Martial Arts. After an introductory session with Russell Jones I realised that Senshi was the real deal. Their world class coaching team consisting of Russel, Jamie, Tom and Ash have since coached me through numerous high-level competitions with great success. Their wealth of experience and exceptional coaching ability have been invaluable to me. Training has always been great fun which is why I would encourage anyone of any skill level to train with the Senshi team. I never looked back and neither will you!"

Max Bond - World amateur K1 silver medallist

""Fab kickboxing class... I think its a million times better than a treadmill in the gym and a great de-stresser - I'm hooked!""

Karen E

""I've been working hard just before new year up to now and I can see improvement already... Last night I managed to do 40 press ups and I have just done 45 mins on the cross trainer on the hardest setting. And the best part is that I am not done yet. I am going to continue to work hard and get even stronger and more flexible""

Matthew H

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