Jado Kuin Do Enstone

Jado Kuin Do Enstone | The Paddock |  Cox Lane |  Enstone | Chipping Norton |  Oxfordshire |  OX7 4AZ

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Jado Kuin Do Enstone | The Paddock |  Cox Lane |  Enstone |  Chipping Norton |  Oxfordshire |  OX7 4AZ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Saturday9:3010:15ChildrenJado Kuin DoEnstone Kids
Saturday11:2012:10Adults 12+Jado Kuin DoEnstone Adults

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Chipping Norton 
Jado Kuin Do Classes

Jado Kuin Do is a modern day, practical art of self defence founded by Master Jake D. Ogden in 1998. Jake trained for many years in traditional kung fu (Lee Chuan Fa, Wing Chun) and Judo. Later, in a quest for further knowledge fuelled by his interest in martial arts he studied Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Karate and Taekwondo attained Black Belt Dan/Degree grades in all of them. He has also studied Wing Chun and attained Black Sash.

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