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Raunds | Raunds Saxon Hall  |  The Hall, Off |  Thorpe Street  | Raunds |  Northamptonshire |  NN9 6LT

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Raunds | Raunds Saxon Hall  |  The Hall, Off |  Thorpe Street  |  Raunds |  Northamptonshire |  NN9 6LT

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:3018:10Children 4+Adrenaline KarateChildren's Karate

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Adrenaline Martial Arts - The number one activity to build confidence, focus and self-discipline in your child!

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"Very friendly and supportive instructors! My sons love their Black Belt training. It has helped very much with building up their confidence and it is an amazing physical and mental exercise for them. I highly recommend Adrenaline Martial arts Academy"

Maria Giannakopoulou

"Our son has trained with adrenaline martial arts since he was 8 years old he will soon be 18. it has built his confidence and the teaching and teachers are amazing. to build your child's self confidence to learn respect for others son is going towards his 3rd now hopefully will become instructor. It is a great place to train friendly to all ages would highly recommend it. Thank you for all your years of hard work to get our son to where and who he is today ."

Tracey Craig

"I've been training with them for 11 and a half years now and have loved every second of it. I am 19 now and not only am I pushed in my training to become better within myself, they are also training me to be an instructor. I have helped teach alongside the head instructors for 10 years now and I feel great pride when I see the younger students I have helped succeed. the skills and confidence it has given me has helped me in work placements and helping out at my secondary school. Can not fault them one bit, as they involve the families of the students as much as the students themselves!!"

Courtney Howard

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