Aspire UMA Academy - Yorkshire

Aspire UMA Academy - Yorkshire | Scout & Guide HQ |  Emgate |  Bedale |  North Yorkshire |  DL8 1AH

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Aspire UMA Academy - Yorkshire | Scout & Guide HQ |  Emgate |  Bedale |  North Yorkshire |  DL8 1AH

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:4518:45Family ClassCKD Bedale
Monday18:4519:45Adults 13+Adult ClassOver 12's Class
Thursday17:4518:45Family ClassCKD Bedale

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Choi Kwang Do Classes

UMA is not designed for competition, but for a natural and effective response to everyday stimuli and training is a mix of contact drills using pads and shields, semi-contact drills and “in-fighting” close-quarter drills. Great for families, children & adults *5yrs to 85yrs. *Training with an adult (5-7)

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"I can highly recommend Mr Calvert having been fortunate to attend his classes in Southampton. He has huge knowledge and dedication to match has huge presence and generous spirit. Pil Seung!"

Tony Weeks

"Sabumnim Calvert was one of the first people I encountered on my journey, he has guided and taught me from the start. As a student he gave me the guidance and skills for me to be promoted to an assistant instructor and then the same help finally promoting me to an head instructor where I now run my own classes. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Sabumnim Calvert and the rest of the team I wouldn’t be where I am today with half the confidence I have now and how to deal with conversations with new people and speaking openly to large groups. I can not put in words how grateful I am for everything Sabumnim Calvert has taught me and help put me in the position in my life where I am now, if you are thinking of something to do to keep fit, learn skills to defend yourself, build confidence and meet new friends this is exactly for you! Trust me when I say you too will feel the full benefits that this martial artist and Chief instructor has to offer! David Ali Head Instructor Dragon CKD"

David Ali

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