Kuk Sool Won of Thetford

Kuk Sool Won of Thetford | The Charles Burrell Centre |  Staniforth Road |  Thetford |  Norfolk |  IP24 3LH

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Kuk Sool Won of Thetford | The Charles Burrell Centre |  Staniforth Road |  Thetford |  Norfolk |  IP24 3LH

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0018:00Children 4+Kuk Sool WonTiny Tigers
Monday18:0019:00Children 7+Kuk Sool WonJunior Beginners
Monday19:0020:00Kuk Sool WonAdult & Youth Beginners
Tuesday17:0018:00Children 7+Kuk Sool WonJuniors
Tuesday19:0020:00Kuk Sool WonAdult & Youth
Wednesday17:0018:00Children 4+Kuk Sool WonTiny Tigers
Wednesday18:0019:00Children 7+Kuk Sool WonJuniors
Wednesday19:0020:00Kuk Sool WonAdult & Youth
Thursday18:0019:00Children 7+Kuk Sool WonJuniors
Thursday19:0020:00Kuk Sool WonAdult & Youth
Friday18:0019:00Kuk Sool WonSilver Tigers
Saturday10:0011:00Kuk Sool WonSaturday Morning/Family Class

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Kuk Sool Won Classes

We are a family martial arts school promoting respect, courtesy, self worth and self discipline. We pride ourselves in providing high energy and enjoyable classes whilst teaching the amazing spectrum of the Korean martial arts that Kuk Sool Won has to offer. Juniors classes for ages 4 - 12yrs. Adults classes for ages 13 and up. www.thetfordmartialarts.com

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Kuk Sool Won of Thetford.


"David M Kinnen. PKJN Kris and Jenny are awesome. Excellent with the younger members in Juniors and equally good with Seniors class for adults. Fully embraces all aspects of martial arts. The philosophy, the fitness, the style and the technique. Living it. Loving it. Kuk Sool!"

David Kinnen

"The best self defence lessons ever, thanks Sir."

George Carter

"Seven medals in the first tournament since Kuk Sool Won of Thetford was started. A big well done to all the medallist's but what an awesome achievement for PKJN Kris and Jenny. The tournament was great and should be strong motivation to all who saw it. It shows what can be achieved by dedication and hard work."

Jack Eves

"Kuk Sool Won with PKJN Kris French and his lovely wife Jenny... Is the best thing I've invested my time in this year! I just love it! Already, I am fitter, thinner, more confident, calmer, stronger and my memory is improving! I'm 49 next month and I've only done 6 hours so far but they are the best 6 hours I've spent!"

Wendy Hughes

"I started training in April 2015 in an effort to get in better shape and because I had always wanted to learn a martial art. Master French was very welcoming as was the entire class. After training for about a month my daughter came to watch class one evening. Master French took the time to show her a few things even though she wasn't there to participate. She joined the next week with my wife a couple months later. What started as an attempt for me to get into better shape has changed my entire family for the better. We have improved ourselves in fitness, flexibility and confidence. Master French and Kuk Sool Won of Thetford made us feel welcome and part of their family. I could not be happier with the decision I made almost 2 years ago."

Thomas Parker

"As an occasional visitor to Kuk Sool Won of Thetford either during a lesson or at any of the demonstrations they put on, I am always astounded at the difference in the students. It is an absolute pleasure to see the changes not only in their martial art ability but also growing in confidence and self esteem. Fun would appear to be a running theme. Extra fun is to be had on a student's birthday - they get to throw (safely, of course, ) PJKN Kris French around. I would highly recommend taking advantage of the two free taster lessons, to see if this is for you or your family. Kris and Jenny always make you feel part of the family. Enjoy if you decide to have a go."

Liz Gilmour

"Kris taught me from my very first lessons all the way through to my Black Belt. He was absolutely pivotal to my success in my tournaments and in achieving my 1st degree black belt. I could not recommend him highly enough. And as a side note, I will remember his Monsters Inc inspired warm-up forever! Amazing!"

Lydia Bareham

"Kuk Sool Won of Thetford has been a fantastic experience for me since I began training here in August 2015. I started in order to improve my fitness and try something new and am now well and truly hooked! PJKN Kris and his team are so warmly welcoming. Alongside this, I always feel challenged to go just that little bit further than what at first I expect. Motivation, fitness, dedication, resilience, team-work, humour, encouragement, tailored individual development, challenge, confidence-building, and a common vision to be the best we can be by ourselves and by others are just a few words and phrases that sum up Kuk Sool Won Thetford. As a teacher, I fully appreciate the discipline, respect and focus involved and sometimes, quite literally, the new perspective! Brilliant for children and adults alike. Kuk Sool Won Thetford is an invaluable part of my physical and personal well-being and development. Thank you :)"

Daniella Dunsmore

"I've had so many happy years of training with Kris French. His technical knowledge and passion for martial arts inspired and supported me to reach 3rd degree black belt. Kuk Sool Won is probably the best fitness training I have ever done - developing strength, stamina and flexibility. And yet Kris, you just make it seem like we're having fun!"

Caron Betts

"Great atmosphere and work ethic. If you want to learn something new and useful whilst improve your fitness this is the place. Well done to all involved, my 13 yr old son has also benefitted greatly from the class!!!"

Pete Anns

"Although I do not practice Kuk Sool Won anymore, it was a major part of my life starting 20 years ago and continuing to practice for 10 years. During these 10 years I had the most sound guidance and advice possible from Master Kris, he was not only my teacher but my friend (and still is to this day) encouraging me and always making me the best person I could be. Kuk sool won is the reason I am the person I am today and for that I can give a lot of thanks to Master Kris. If i ever move back to the area I know I will not hesitate to practice Kuk Sool Won under the tuition of Master Kris at Therford and I would encourage my children to join in too. I can't think of a better sport to introduce a young child to. They not only gain friends but also confidence, discipline and manners. The club will become a home and a place of joy, Thank you Master Kris for your hard work."

Aimee Burtenshaw

"Master Kris is a brilliant instructor and any student training with Kuk Sool Won of Thetford is privileged to learn with him. Highly recommended!"

Alison Rogers

"My son asked if he could go to martial arts so after looking around i found kuk sool won. Me and my son have been going for almost a year give or take. When we went to are first class i was so nervous but everyone made us feel so welcome you soon forgot about that and started to enjoy the class. Kris french is a great instructor he will personally teach you the techniques you will be learning and other students well stay with you to help you master you them. He is great with the kids it really is like a small family witch makes you feel like you part of a group. I did not want to do this at first i went for me son i am so glad that i made that decision to go it has been so good for me and my son. My son loves going he was so shy but going to class has helped him so much. If your thinking of doing martial arts take a look you will not find a much better class then kuk sool won give it a go and see for your self."

Jim Fenner

"I have been going to Kuk Sool Won now for nearly a year, I love it, everybody is so nice its like another little family. Master Kris French is an incredible instructor with juniors and adults alike. ***** Would highly recommend coming along."

Gwen Fenner

"KSW of Thetford is brilliant. Kris as an instructor is welcoming, positive and fun. I started KSW aged 9, after gaining my black belt at 14 I gave up. 10 years on I decided to get back into it and I have felt such a part of the club from the 1st session. Kris has been working hard to help me get back to black belt level and the whole club is super friendly. I have some issues like anxiety which sometimes make it hard to show up. I have had several absences when I'm struggling and Kris is always supportive, caring and doesn't pressure me at all. His support makes such a difference and I am getting better at coping. KSW of Thetford is my 'happy place' where I know I'll always laugh, learn, focus, and feel proud. I could not recommend the club enough and Kris always works to your ability level whilst still encouraging you to challenge yourself and improve. Going to class twice a week genuinely impacts my mental & physical health in such a positive way. Come along & you won't regret it!"

Becca White

"Awesome class. My 5 year old boy loves it and is learning so much which is credit to kris and team, would very highly recommend."

Tony Chadwick

"Excellent experience for my son and partner, they enjoy training with Kris."

Charlotte Rudling

"Brilliant . Kris and Co are amazing with the younger students. Excellent fitness for my lad and he loves it . Highly recommend !!"

Jason Noakes

"Would highly recommend!! Our 4yr old boy loves it!!"

Kelly Low

"Amazing experience, great team ☺️☺️"

Nicoleta Geambasu

"Hannah has been in the junior class for two years. She's just took part in her first adult class and absolutely loved it. Thank you for teaching her. She's aiming for black belt!"

Donna Simpson

"If you are wondering which martial arts school, then we would not hesitate to recommend Master Kris French and Kuk Sool Won of Thetford. Master Kris is not only an excellent martial artist, but a fanastic teacher. Both children and adults will not only learn self defence, but will increase fitness, gain confidence and learn discipline. We have both had the pleasure of receiving instruction from Master Kris who is calm, collected, warm, friendly instructor and encourages you to push yourself to achieve things you think you could not! We wish Master Kris and his wife Jenny every success and can't wait to train with them! Steve and Sally Runnacles."

Steve and Sally Runnacles

"Kris is a true gentleman and a true professional. There have been many times when he has tried to teach me something and his patience and capability are second to none! Never will he make you feel like an inconvenience. Always out for everyone to succeed and be the best they can be."

Jemma Fordham

"5* instructors. Kris & Jenny are good friends & amazing instructors. Looking forward to coming to train with you guys. As part of the WKSA association you know your children are safe here!"

Carl Barrie

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