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Longfield Hall | Longfield Hall, Hazel Way |  London |  London |  SE1 5XJ

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Longfield Hall | Longfield Hall, Hazel Way |  London |  London |  SE1 5XJ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday18:0019:00Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanWednesday (Beginners)
Wednesday19:0020:00Adults, Children 7+ShotokanWednesday (Coloured Belts)
Friday16:3017:30Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanLongfield Hall London (Beginners)
Friday17:3018:30Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanLongfield Hall London (Beginners Class)
Friday18:3019:30Adults, Children, Family 5+KobujutsuLongfield Hall London (Intermediate Class)
Friday19:3020:30Adults 11+Kamashin Ryu, Kobujutsu, Self Defence, ShotokanLongfield Hall London (Adults)
Saturday9:3010:30Adults, Children, Family 4+ShotokanLongfield Hall (Beginners Class)
Saturday10:3011:30Adults, Children, Family 5+ShotokanLongfield Hall (Coloured Belts adults and children)
Saturday11:3012:30Adults, Children, Family 16+Kamashin Ryu, Self Defence, ShotokanLongfield Hall (Adults and Black Belts Only)

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Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association was launched in 2007 and its goal is to promote and teach the true meaning and traditions of Martial Arts in a non-political manner in the UK, by providing a service based on equal opportunities for all.

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"My daughter has been learning Ju-Dachi Martial Arts for a while now. She is enjoying the classes so much that she now goes on average 3 times a week. They have classes at different venues each week so there is always one near by. The instructors are very professional, firm, but ultimately friendly and fair, giving each child time to learn and progress."

Dawn Vernon

"My 8 year old son has been taking lessons since last year, and he loves it! Great teachers, really dedicated to teaching every individual child. Would defiantly recommend Ju-dachi martial arts."

Samira Sharief

"Good class for children and adults. Often one to one teaching. Enjoyable and sociable. Useful self defence skills, etc . I have been attending for 10 years and am now going for my 3rd dan shortly."

Heather Banks

"Jonathan Bolt runs an after school karate club at Fairways Primary School. It is quite evident that all the children thoroughly enjoy. Jonathan is very enthusiastic and has a good rapport with the children and parents. Sandra Bradley-Mason (Teacher at Fairways)"

Ms Sandra Bradley Mason

"Sensi Jonathan runs a great scheme teaching karate for the kids and adults on my estate free of charge. Since starting classes nearly two years i now have a green belt. Not bad for a 45 year old."

Kevin Lewis

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