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GNR8 Academy  | New College Leicester  |  Glenfield Road  |  Leicester |  Leicestershire |  LE3 6DN

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday6:307:15Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults - AM
Monday9:1510:00Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults - AM
Monday16:0016:45ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 6-9
Monday16:4517:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 10-12
Monday17:4518:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 13-16
Monday18:3019:15Adults 16+Adults BoxingAdults Boxing
Tuesday16:0016:45ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 6-9
Tuesday16:4517:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 10-12
Tuesday17:4518:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 13-16
Tuesday18:3019:15Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults
Wednesday16:4517:30Children 8+Kids FitnessElite Development Squad
Wednesday17:0017:45Elite Talent Development Squad
Wednesday17:4518:30Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults
Wednesday18:3019:15Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults
Thursday9:1510:00Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults - AM
Thursday16:0016:45ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing 6-10
Thursday16:4517:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 11-12
Thursday17:4518:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 13-17
Thursday18:3019:15Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults
Friday6:307:15Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults - AM
Friday9:1510:00Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdult - AM
Friday16:0016:45ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 6-10
Friday16:4517:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 11-12
Friday17:4518:30ChildrenKids BoxingKids Boxing Ages 13-16
Friday18:3019:15Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdult Fitness Lock In
Saturday10:0010:45Adults 16+Adult FitnessAdults Boot Camp

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Fitness, Boxing Classes

At GNR8 Academy we offer boxing classes for adults and children aged 6+, as well as fitness sessions throughout the week

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