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Bury Martial Arts Academy | Victoria House |  Wood Street |  Bury |  Lancashire |  BL8 2SL

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Bury Martial Arts Academy | Victoria House |  Wood Street |  Bury |  Lancashire |  BL8 2SL

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday18:3020:00Adults 16+Adult Jiu JitsuBrazilian Jiu Jitsu
Tuesday16:1517:00Children 4 - 8Little DragonsLittle Dragons -Tues
Tuesday17:1518:00Children 8 - 11Little NinjasLittle Ninjas - Tues
Tuesday18:1519:00Children 12 - 16Junior Jiu JitsuJunior Jiu Jitsu
Tuesday19:1520:15AdultsAdult Jiu Jitsu, Women's Self DefenceWomen's Self Defence
Thursday16:1517:00Children 4 - 8Little DragonsLittle Dragons - Thurs
Thursday17:1518:00Children 8 - 11Little NinjasLittle Ninjas - Thurs
Thursday19:3021:00Adults 16+Adult Jiu JitsuAdult Jiu Jitsu - All Levels
Saturday8:009:30Adult Jiu JitsuJiu Jitsu (Blue Belt and above)
Saturday8:009:00Adults 16+Adult Jiu JitsuJiu Jitsu Basics
Saturday10:1511:00Children 4 - 8Little DragonsLittle Dragons - Sat
Saturday11:1512:00Children 8 - 11Little NinjasLittle Ninjas - Sat
Saturday12:1513:00Children 12 - 16Junior Jiu JitsuJunior Jiu-Jitsu
Sunday10:1511:00Children 4 - 8Little DragonsLittle Dragons - Sun
Sunday11:1512:00Children 8 - 11Little NinjasLittle Ninjas - Sun

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"Fantastic! A place where children not only learn new skills but grow in self confidence! Being 'bully proof' is vital to our young people these days. Amazing staff who know how to talk and work with Kids. I believe the adult classes are great too!"

Sara Burns

"I've been a student for 13 years now, and safe to say what I've learned has not only got me out of some serious and unavoidable situations, it's taught me a high level of respect for myself and others. I could not recommend Scorpion Jiu Jitsu higher !"

Tom Cox

"Empowering!!! Women's Self Defence on Sunday's 10am and Wednesday's 7pm come highly recommended. I attend with my two teenage daughters and we are learning skills that enable us to feel confident in different situations. These classes should be compulsory!!!"

Jane Lillywhite

"Steve and the guys are great with my two. Lessons are fun and the kids learn very valuable skills. Cant recommend highly enough."

Joe Llewellyn

"Amazing! My son has been going for about 2 months and loves it. Steve is a wonderful teacher that engages and entertains the kids in his class while teaching them jujitsu skills and valuable life lessons about stranger danger and how to deal with bullies. I honestly cannot speak highly enough about Steve and his team. I definitely recommend them."

Simon Williams

"My son attends a weekly class here and absolutely loves it. As a parent, you can see that the children are learning the foundations of jiujitsu, but they just think they're having fun. 'Back off bad guy!!' Thanks to Steve and the team for a great setup."

Ayshea Elliott

"My son goes to these classes twice a week and i find the classes absolutely fantastic. A real club atmosphere and the teachers make it fun and educational for students and spectators. Would highly recommend this club to anyone thinking of getting their kids into martial arts."

Andrew Osullivan

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