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Masters of Martial Arts HQ | Oxford Mill |  Oxford St |  Accrington |  Lancashire |  BB5 1QX

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Masters of Martial Arts HQ | Oxford Mill |  Oxford St |  Accrington |  Lancashire |  BB5 1QX

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:4517:45Children 4+Little DragonsACADEMY Little Dragons 4-7Yrs - Mondays
Monday18:0019:00Children 7+JuniorsACADEMY Junior Beg to Adv - Mondays
Monday19:1520:30AdultsSeniorsACADEMY Over 40's - Mondays
Tuesday16:0016:45Children 4 - 7Little DragonsTuesday Dragons
Tuesday17:0018:00JuniorsAccrington juniors beginners
Tuesday19:0020:30SeniorsACADEMY Seniors
Tuesday19:1520:30SeniorsACADEMY Over 40's Advanced - Tuesdays
Wednesday16:3017:30Children 4+Little DragonsACADEMY Little Dragons 4-7yrs - Wednesdays
Wednesday17:4518:45Children 7+JuniorsACADEMY Juniors - Wednesdays
Wednesday19:0020:00JuniorsACADEMY CADETS & JUNIOR BROWNS Wednesdays
Wednesday20:1521:30SeniorsACADEMY Senior Brown & Black Belt Class - Wednesdays
Thursday17:0018:00JuniorsDeans Dragons Academy
Thursday18:0019:00JuniorsACADEMY Sensei Dean's Juniors 7yrs+ - Thursdays
Thursday19:0020:15SeniorsACADEMY Sensei Dean's Seniors - Thursdays
Friday17:0018:00Children 4+Little DragonsACADEMY Little Dragons - Fridays
Saturday9:1510:00Children 4+Little DragonsLittle Dragons Main - Saturday
Saturday10:1511:30Adults, Children 12+Seniors Main - Saturday
Saturday10:3011:30JuniorsACADEMY Saturday Juniors

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Ju Jitsu Classes

We have been ESTABLISHED and renowned for our Teaching of the Martial Arts FOR over 40 Years. The residents of Accrington and the surrounding towns have been bringing their families to us knowing they are being cared for, and that they will become better people for the experience. We have Martial Arts classes in classes in Accrington, Blackburn, Fenniscowles, Brownhill, Nelson, Whalley, Clitheroe, Langho, Rawtenstall, Great Harwood, Rishton.

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