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Star Kickboxing | Apex Business Park |  Queens Farm Road |  GRAVESEND |  Kent |  DA123HU

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Star Kickboxing | Apex Business Park |  Queens Farm Road |  GRAVESEND |  Kent |  DA123HU

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0017:45Children 7 - 11KickboxingJunior Kickboxing
Monday17:4518:45Children 11 - 13KickboxingCadet Kickboxing
Monday19:3020:30Adults 14+KickboxingAdult Kickboxing
Monday20:3021:30Adults 14+KickboxingKickboxing Late class
Tuesday16:1016:55Children 4 - 6KickboxingLittle Stars (4-6year olds)
Tuesday17:0017:45Children 7 - 13KickboxingJunior / Cadet Kickboxing
Tuesday17:4518:45Children 8 - 14BoxingJuniors Boxing
Tuesday18:4519:45Adults 14+BoxingAdult Boxing
Tuesday20:0021:00AdultsKickboxingLadies Kickboxing
Wednesday17:0017:45Children 7 - 11KickboxingJunior Kickboxing
Wednesday17:4518:45Children 11 - 13KickboxingCadet Kickboxing
Wednesday18:4519:45Adults 14+BoxingAdult Boxing
Wednesday19:3020:30Adults 14+KickboxingAdult Kickboxing
Wednesday20:3021:30Adults 14+KickboxingKickboxing Late class
Thursday17:0017:45Children 7 - 13KickboxingJunior / Cadet Kickboxing
Thursday17:4518:45Children 8 - 14BoxingJuniors Boxing
Thursday18:4519:45Adults 14+BoxingAdult Boxing
Thursday20:0021:00AdultsKickboxingLadies Kickboxing
Friday17:0017:45Children 7 - 11KickboxingJunior Kickboxing
Friday17:4518:45Children 11 - 13KickboxingCadet Kickboxing
Friday18:4519:45Adults 14+Boxing, KickboxingAdult Boxing & Kickboxing combined class
Friday18:4519:45Adults 14+KickboxingAdult Kickboxing
Saturday8:3010:30Adults 13+Boxing, KickboxingOpen Gym session (Adults)
Saturday10:3011:15Children 7 - 11KickboxingJunior Kickboxing (weekend)
Saturday11:1512:15Children 11 - 13KickboxingCadet Kickboxing (weekend)
Saturday12:2013:05Children 4 - 6KickboxingLittle Stars (4-6year olds)

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