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Deal Welfare Club | Cowdray Square |  Mill Hill |  Deal |  Kent |  Ct149EU

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Deal Welfare Club | Cowdray Square |  Mill Hill |  Deal |  Kent |  Ct149EU

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:3018:00Children 3 - 6MF Martial Arts - Mighty Matts (Official)Mighty matts
Tuesday18:1018:55Adults, Children, Family 7+MF Martial Arts - Junior & Family (Official)Juniors

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"My 6 year old has been going to Paul's classes for 18 months roughly. Watching my son who was full of anxiety, bullied and zero confidence bloom into this focused, confident child, was amazing. And that was all thanks to Paul, he is full of energy and my son is just in awe of what he does. There is never a time, when I say its karate tonight that he moans or complains,instead it's a YES! Paul has this way with the children that engages and encourages them in the class and to keep going and always do their best but has the discipline and strictness with the children when needed - Which I love as 6 year olds can be very chatty! My son understands how important it is to treat the learning of martial arts with respect and that includes the other members and his Sensai also and the learning of self defence has helped Alexander greatly.I cannot thank Paul enough for helping my son, through a difficult time and keeping his mind focused."

Chole Day

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