Bromley Martial Arts Academy

Southborough Primary School |  342 Southborough Ln |  Btomley |  Kent |  BR2 8AA

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Southborough Primary School |  342 Southborough Ln |  Btomley |  Kent |  BR2 8AA

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday18:0018:50Children 4+Chi Combat SystemChildren Class
Wednesday19:0019:50Adults, Children 13+Chi Combat SystemTeen & Adult class
Saturday10:3011:20Children 7+Chi Combat SystemMix Family class (Adult & Kids)

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Kickboxing, Taekwondo Classes

Bromley Martial Arts Academy is founded on the principles of healthy living through martial arts. Our goal is to create a martial arts family where our students are happy, confident, support each other and share in the successes of our schools. The friendly environment makes classes perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. We encourage students to take the techniques and philosophies learned during classes into every aspect of their life.

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"Brilliant martial arts school. Discipline, technique and lots of fun. Would definitely recommend. Even my little one who doesn’t participate enjoys it. Reference:"


"My 7 year old son loves it here and his confidence is growing each week. He looks forward to going and learning and the motivation and support given is amazing. Would definitely recommend. Reference:"


"Great, highly recommended coach!"

Joanna Nosal-Charowska

"Great club with a real discipline to learning and supporting them to progress. The Sensei takes a genuine interest in the kids and helps give them both the confidence and skills to both learn martial arts but also self defence. As a parent of a child who has been bullied, is very anxious and shy, this class has already given him the tools to defend himself and reinforces disciplines like respect, dedication and motivation."

Kate Dawes

"My son loves going. He is not the strongest for his age but they encourage and help him to improve his confidence, patience, resilience and boost his core strength and balance. Which is what we were looking for."

Joanne Berry

"I joined The club just over a year ago, I enjoy the variety and the methods of instruction. Everyone is friendly. Highly recommend if you want to learn a a mixed martial art."

Tara Taylor-Beardow

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