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Fortitude - Beckenham | Marian Vian Primary School |  Shirley Crescent |  Beckenham | Bromley |  Kent |  BR3 4AZ

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Fortitude - Beckenham | Marian Vian Primary School |  Shirley Crescent |  Beckenham |  Bromley |  Kent |  BR3 4AZ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday17:3018:30Children 6 - 11TaekwondoBECK Dragon & Juniors
Tuesday18:3019:30Adults, Family 16+TaekwondoBECK Family
Tuesday19:3020:30Adults 14+TaekwondoBECK Seniiors (14 plus)
Thursday16:0016:30Children 3 - 5NinjasBECK Ninjas (Beginners Welcome)
Thursday16:3017:15Children 6 - 8TaekwondoBECK Dragons (Beginners Welcome)
Thursday17:1518:15Children 9 - 12TaekwondoBECK Juniors (Beginners Welcome)
Thursday18:1519:15Adults, Family 13+TaekwondoBECK Family
Thursday19:1520:15Adults 14+TaekwondoBECK Seniors (Mixed Belt)
Sunday16:0016:45Children 6 - 11TaekwondoBECK Dragons / Juniors
Sunday17:0018:00Adults, Family 13+TaekwondoBECK Seniors

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Taekwondo Classes

ITF Taekwon Do classes for the whole family. We care passionately about the progress of all our students. Offering age related classes from 3yrs+

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