KBT Academy Bexleyheath - Full Time Centre

KBT Academy of Martial Arts | 16 Upland Road |  Bexleyheath |  Kent |  DA7 4NR

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KBT Academy of Martial Arts | 16 Upland Road |  Bexleyheath |  Kent |  DA7 4NR

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:0016:30Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Monday16:4517:30FamilyTaekwondoKBT Family Beginners Class
Tuesday16:0016:30Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Tuesday16:0016:30Children 4 - 5TaekwondoKBT Little Ninjas
Tuesday17:3018:15FamilyTaekwondoKBT Family Beginners Class
Wednesday16:0016:30Children 4 - 5TaekwondoKBT Little Ninjas
Wednesday16:0016:30Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Wednesday16:4517:30FamilyTaekwondoKBT Family Beginners Class
Thursday16:0016:30Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Thursday16:0016:30Children 4 - 5TaekwondoKBT Little Ninjas
Thursday17:3018:15FamilyTaekwondoKBT Family Beginners Class
Friday17:0017:30Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Friday17:3018:15FamilyTaekwondoKBT Family Beginners class
Saturday8:459:15Children 4 - 5TaekwondoKBT Little Ninjas
Saturday8:459:15Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Saturday9:3010:00Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Saturday10:0010:45FamilyTaekwondoKBT Family Beginners Class
Sunday9:009:30Children 4 - 5TaekwondoKBT Little Ninjas
Sunday9:009:30Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Sunday9:3010:00Children 5 - 7TaekwondoKBT Karate Kids
Sunday10:0010:45FamilyTaekwondoKBT Family Beginners Class
Sunday10:4511:15Children 4 - 5TaekwondoKBT Little Ninjas

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Taekwondo Classes

We are a full time centre, open 7 days per week, with two training halls and Martial Arts classes for all levels. Our Instructors are friendly, welcoming and professional. Our main Taekwondo Academy is in Bexleyheath but is easily accessible from Welling, Sidcup, Erith and Dartford. It is fully matted with training bags. If it's confidence you want, we can help, if it's self defence, give us a call. We offer a FREE private lesson, FREE consultation with a programme to suit everybody's busy schedule. Make a difference and give us a call TODAY!

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by KBT Academy Bexleyheath - Full Time Centre.


"What I love about the academy is everybody is so friendlly and polite and welcoming. The instructors make you feel at ease so you don't feel like a fool if you mess up, they just show you again. It's truly changed my life already even after just 6 weeks training.! I'm happier, more confident and feel fitter."

Hayley Oliver

"Without going into detail, your club has given my daughter an unbelievable lease of life! It is not an exaggeration to say that as soon as her class finishes, she is talking about when her next one is! ​"

Mr G W Shipton

"I wanted to write and thank all of the Instructors and Staff at KBT for the enormous improvement that the Academy has made to my son Jack. Jack has been diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers symdrome) which means he finds it difficult to communicate. The training has not only taught Jack discipline and self defence skills, it has given him the confidence that he needed in every day life. "

Mrs C Lovelock

"Our son was keen to learn a form of martial arts. Since joining the KBT Academy he has become more confident, flexible and focused and he recently joined the leadership programme. The teachers are all very good and you can see how much all the children enjoy each session.  Since our son started his younger sister has subsequently joined and she is also now loving being part of the Academy. We rate the school very highly."

Mr and Mrs Harley

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