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Pound For Pound Palace | Pound for Pound Palace |  Drivers Wharf, |  Northam Rd | Southampton |  Hampshire |  SO14 0PF

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Pound For Pound Palace | Pound for Pound Palace |  Drivers Wharf, |  Northam Rd |  Southampton |  Hampshire |  SO14 0PF

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday19:0021:00Adults 16+Krav MagaKrav Maga Adults
Thursday19:0021:00Krav MagaKrav Maga Adults

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Krav Maga Classes

No-Fear Academy are the leading Krav Maga Global affiliated training provider in Southampton. Learn a practical, effective self defence system and get in great shape with a group of like-minded individuals sharing the same goals.

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"In comparison to my former instructors in Germany, José really has his own style of teaching: straight forward, hands-on and with a friendly push. I think it’s for a good reason that we’ve got a very familiar atmosphere in every training session, the classes are a reflection of the instructor."

Debbie Boesner

"I love Jose's Krav Maga classes - we are always learning new techniques that will help us defend ourselves in all situations and not just techniques that are assessed in the gradings. I find the classes very stress releasing and also they are a great fun work out."

Kelly-Anne Crean

"Training Krav Maga I am now more confident in everything I do and now I have the ability to look after myself and those around me which is why I’ll keep training when I can for as long as I can."

Phillip Coglan

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