Matt Fiddes St Denys

St Denys Church  |  Dundee Road |  St Denys  | Southampton  |  Hampshire  |  SO17 2ND

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St Denys Church  |  Dundee Road |  St Denys  |  Southampton  |  Hampshire  |  SO17 2ND

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday17:0017:30Children 3 - 6MF Mighty MattsMF St Denys Mighty Matts
Wednesday17:4518:30Children 7 - 11MF JuniorsMF St Denys Juniors
Wednesday19:1520:15Adults 12+MF AdultsMF St Denys Adults

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Martial Arts Classes

Founder Matt Fiddes has taken the discipline and knowledge that made him the UK's top martial arts instructor and shaped it into training for life for everyone. Young adults are welcomed at all levels to learn how martial arts can be combined with fun, fitness and structure to help anyone get the most out of their life.

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Matt Fiddes St Denys.

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