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MSD - Bishops Cleeve | Bishops Cleeve |  Stella Way |  Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham |  Gloucestershire |  GL52 7DQ

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MSD - Bishops Cleeve | Bishops Cleeve |  Stella Way |  Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham |  Gloucestershire |  GL52 7DQ

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:0018:00Children 5+Junior KickboxingJunior Kickboxing Pad drills & bag work plus.
Monday18:0019:00Adults 18+Adults KickboxingAdult Kickboxing Combos & Fitness
Monday19:0020:00Adults, Children 13+Karate AdultsKarate self defence skills.
Tuesday16:0017:00Children 5+Little DragonsNew year confidence with our 5+ karate group
Tuesday17:0018:00Children 8+Kenpo CadetsCadets Karate fast fun paced Karate lesson
Tuesday18:0019:00Adults 18+Adults KickboxingAdult Kickboxing + teens over 13+
Tuesday19:0020:00Children 12 - 17Adults KickboxingAdults kickboxing session teens over 13+
Wednesday18:0019:00Children 6 - 12Junior Karate 5+, Junior KickboxingCadets Karate
Wednesday19:0020:00AdultsAdults Kickboxing, Ladies KickboxingLadies Kickass Kickboxing, perfect for all levels
Thursday16:0017:00Children 5+Little DragonsKids Karate Focus - Fun - Technique's 5+
Thursday17:0018:00Children 5+Junior KickboxingJunior Kickboxing & competition, Skills 4 Drills
Thursday18:0019:00Adults 18+Adults KickboxingAdult Kickboxing, Advanced pads with Mike
Thursday19:0020:00Adults, Children 13+Karate AdultsKarate Adult & Junior 13+ All welcome.
Friday17:0018:00Children 5+Junior KickboxingKickboxing 5+ All levels
Friday18:0019:00Adults 16+Adults KickboxingFun Friday pad blast out, level medium.
Saturday9:1510:00Children 3 - 4Turbo Tots karate 3-4 ageTurbo Tots Karate 3 & 4 ages.
Saturday10:0011:00Children 5+Little DragonsLittle Dragons weekend Karate fun and!
Saturday11:0012:00Children 8+Kenpo CadetsJunior Karate confidence building with techniques and fitness drills.
Saturday12:0013:00Children 12 - 17Junior KickboxingTeenagers Kickboxing & competition team training.

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Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham 
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"My son has been attending MSD for 6 years. He loves it, he’s worked through his belts at a steady pace and enjoyed every lesson. A fab place to gain an amazing life skill."

Sally P

"Great place to train and learn martial arts. Instructors are top quality and everybody is very friendly."

Shawn T

"After many years at MSD with our kids all the staff are amazing. At MSD I have got an 8 year old girl doing Karate and Kickboxing. After starting at Karate at the age of 3, she has done Karate for 4 years then started with kickboxing at the age of 7 with the kickboxing being from age 5 - 16 she was a little nervous but as like the staff the other students are amazing too. She enjoys every second of her classes and I would recommend having a free trial and seeing for yourself!"

Chris S

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