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Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu. | Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu 5 Bryant Avenue (opp. Tesco at Gallows Corner) |  Romford |  Essex |  RM3 0AP

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Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu. | Academy of Wing Chun Kung Fu 5 Bryant Avenue (opp. Tesco at Gallows Corner) |  Romford |  Essex |  RM3 0AP

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Tuesday19:0019:45Children 5 - 17Junior Wing ChunJunior Wing Chun
Tuesday20:0021:00Adults 18+Adult Wing ChunAdult Wing Chun
Thursday20:0021:00Adults 18+Adult Wing ChunAdult Wing Chun
Friday19:0019:45Children 5 - 17Junior Wing ChunJunior Wing Chun

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Kung Fu Classes

At Family Martial Arts we offer a wide range of training for you.We have our Little Dragons classes for 3 to 5 year olds our older children's classes for children 5 years old and above and of course our adults classes. We have classes on most days of the week so there is something for everyone so why not come and give it a try?

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  The classes listed are free trial lessons hosted independently by Family Martial Arts.


"5 stars! Amazing classes every week. The Teachers are great and the classes are always very enjoyable."


"5 stars! My son has been learning Kung Fu with Terry for 4 years and I cannot recommend it highly enough. His confidence, fitness and strength have improved greatly. He is determined to become a black belt one day! Lovely people and a supportive environment, thank you Terry."


"Fantastic Martial Arts!!Terry is a brilliant teacher, great with the kids. They love him! Nice to see children stopping and sitting down after Terry's asks them ONCE! That's control! Brilliant stuff!"


"What a fantastic awesome and wonderful club. The instructors are so friendly and great with the kids. George is also great and a credit to the club and to his parents. I can't recommend this club enough everyone should try it. My children have really progressed and there confidence has really proved"


"My daughter absolutely loves these classes. Terry's enthusiasm and energy are contagious...we have just as much fun watching her, as she does participating... Highly recommend!"


"This is a great club very friendly and welcoming and really great for beginners we learn so much I really recommend it. It's more than a martial art is full of great life lessons"


"We really love this club Callum enjoys it so much he has really progressed well, he started as a little dragon and now attends the older children's class I hugely recommend this club to everyone."


"What a fantastic class and instructors my son really loves it great place u should all join"


"Great club really friendly atmosphere I've seen fantastic progress since I started everyone is always so helpful really recommend it to beginners"


"I’m now in my 14th year of training at this class and I can’t imagine my life without it now. This is a very friendly class with an excellent and dedicated Sifu. It’s a great class for any person of any age. My physical and mental strength as well as my confidence has increased dramatically"

Aidan Murray

"Have trained various Martial Arts over the years and am now practising Wing Chun Kung Fu in a professionally run and friendly unpressured atmosphere with a great bunch of students."

Elio Prati

"I’ve been a training in Wing Chun Kung Fu at this academy for less then 2 years but have learnt so much more then I was expecting to in that time despite the set back of lockdown. WCKF is an amazing martial art and I couldn’t imagine not having it in my life now. It’s a brilliant art form which is simple effective and has many hidden gems of knowledge that you learn along your journey. The Sifu is very experienced friendly and knowledgeable and is teaching from the source which is Grand Master Ip Man in Hong Kong. I’ve gained so much in confidence and my physical and mental health has benefitted hugely since I began my training. There’s a really great, warm and welcoming atmosphere at the academy with no big egos which makes it a real family feel. If you are considering learning Wing Chun then please come and check us out ! “Others walk the bow. I walk the string”. - Wing Chun maxim."

Ale Caesar!

"Been going to these classes for the last 15 years. Without them i wouldn't be able to have as much confudence as i do or have made the friends i have. The instructor is great and all the classes are well worth going. I wouldn't see how my life would be without them. Everyone becomes family and it makes me feel confident in my ability of what i have been taught."

Jessica Rose

"This class has a good teacher friendly students and is a great place to learn this art form"

Stephen Hearn

"Great for anyone who is a real interest learning wing chun kung fu training for your body and mind set Excellent sifu has who has hundreds of years experience friendly partners too family atmosphere 👍"

Michael Byfield

"Love this place. Started during lockdown which wasn't ideal and not only have I managed to learn during this time but the bunch of people there are also so welcoming that I've also made a group of new friends. All ages and skill levels work well together."

Karen Botha

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