5 Elements Combat Academy

5 Elements Academy |  Unit 13 Adams Business Centre (Behind Basil Spice) |  Cranes Farm Road | Basildon |  Essex |  SS14 3JF

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5 Elements Academy |  Unit 13 Adams Business Centre (Behind Basil Spice) |  Cranes Farm Road |  Basildon |  Essex |  SS14 3JF

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday12:0013:00KickboxingAdult kickboxing
Monday16:0016:30martial artsMini Elements Age 3 to 5
Monday17:0017:30martial artsLittle Dragons Age 6 to 8
Monday18:0018:30martial artsJunior Kickboxing Age 9 to 13
Monday18:0018:30BoxingJunior Boxing (Age 9 to 13)
Monday19:0020:00KickboxingAdult Kickboxing/K1/MuayThai
Monday20:0021:00Chow GarKung Fu - Southern Mantis Chow Gar
Tuesday16:0016:30martial artsMini Elements Age 3 to 5
Tuesday17:0017:30martial artsLittle Dragons Age 6 to 8
Tuesday17:3018:00martial artsJunior Kickboxing Age 9 to 13
Tuesday18:0019:00KickboxingLadies Kickboxing
Tuesday19:0020:00KickboxingAdult Kickboxing/K1/MuayThai
Tuesday20:0021:00Amateur BoxingBoxing Age 14+
Wednesday16:0016:30martial artsMini Elements Age 3 to 5
Wednesday17:0017:30martial artsLittle Dragons Age 6 to 8
Wednesday18:0018:30martial artsJunior Kickboxing Age 9 to 13
Wednesday20:0021:00Chow GarKung Fu - Southern Mantis Chow Gar
Wednesday20:0021:00KickboxingAdult Kickboxing/K1/MuayThai
Thursday17:0017:30Juniors, Little DragonsLittle Dragons & Juniors
Thursday18:0018:30BoxingJunior Boxing (Age 9 to 13)
Thursday19:0020:00KickboxingAdult Kickboxing/K1/MuayThai
Thursday20:0021:00Amateur BoxingBoxing Age 14+
Saturday9:009:30martial artsLittle Dragons Age 6 to 8
Saturday10:0010:45martial artsJunior Kickboxing Age 9 to 13
Saturday11:0012:00KickboxingAdult Kickboxing/K1/MuayThai
Saturday13:0014:00Chow GarKungFu Southern Mantis

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The Home of Martial Arts in Essex. We teach a range of Martial Arts from our full time Martial Arts Academy in Basildon Essex, for all age groups starting from age 3. If you have any questions on fitness or the martial arts then come down and have a chat with Chief Instructor Tony Willis. Tony has 40 years experience in the martial arts with extensive knowledge and coaching skills to ensure everyone achieves their full potential.

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"Had never done anything like this before until I started on a beginners course at 5 Elements back in 2010 and have never looked back. The instructors and management couldn’t be friendlier and the members are all happy to help. It’s always a great atmosphere."


"5 Elements is great for all ages, my son has just started in the juniors kickboxing classes and loves it. My daughters and I do the adult classes it’s a great way to keep fit and it’s a friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend"


"I have spent almost 9 years training here and have loved each and every session. The instructors are great and knowledgeable and it has a family feel, I keep myself fit and am constantly learning new techniques. I have also made some great friends, and wouldnt want to train anywhere else! I recommend highly"


"Very friendly and happy environment, would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to gain confidence and skill and meet lots of nice people! All instructors are very caring and amazing at teaching all kinds of levels, so happy I’ve joined 5 Elements."


"Been a member for 5 years now. So much better than the regular gym which I always found a little dull. 5 elements is great for fitness and I have made a lot of friends here too! I’ve come along way since the day I started thanks to the instructors at the club. A great way to let of steam and make new friends."


"I was a student at 5 elements for many years won some fights lost some but the support from the instructors and team mates was awesome so much so iv still kept in contact with a lot of them. Couldn’t recommend them enough."


"Only been going a little wile but absolutely love going 5 elements is such a friendly place makes you feel at ease all the staff give you such a good work out. 10 x better then going to the gym."


"Awesome place to train with high quality instructions. The trainers have a wealth of knowledge and they really care about all the members. Really happy I joined up :)"




"I have been going to 5 elements for about 3 months now and I absolutely love it best training/workout I’ve done I do the kickboxing classes I’m now addicted its good fun gets your fitness up toning for your body and the trainers are kind and helpful I can’t recommend 5 elements enough!! Get joining!!"


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