Masters Academy - Plymouth

Master St'James Black Belt Academy |  Upper Floor, 174 Rendle Street |  Plymouth |  Devon |  PL1 1TP

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Master St'James Black Belt Academy |  Upper Floor, 174 Rendle Street |  Plymouth |  Devon |  PL1 1TP

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday16:1516:45Mini MastersMini Masters
Monday16:4517:30Cadets, JuniorsKids Essentials
Monday16:4517:30JuniorsKids Advanced
Monday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Essentials
Monday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Advanced
Monday18:3019:30KTXAdult Striking
Monday19:3020:30Muay ThaiMuay Thai
Tuesday12:0013:00KTXStriking Mixed Level
Tuesday16:1516:45Mini MastersMini Master
Tuesday16:4517:30Cadets, JuniorsKids Essentials
Tuesday16:4517:30JuniorsKids Advanced
Tuesday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Advanced
Tuesday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Essentials
Tuesday18:3019:30KTXAdult Striking
Tuesday19:3020:30KTXStriking Inter/Advanced
Tuesday20:3021:30ADULT MMAADULT MMA
Wednesday12:0013:00KTXStriking Mixed Level
Wednesday16:1516:45Mini MastersMini Masters
Wednesday16:4517:30Cadets, JuniorsKids Essentials
Wednesday16:4517:30JuniorsKids Advanced
Wednesday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Essentials
Wednesday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Advanced
Wednesday18:3019:30KTXAdult Striking
Wednesday19:3020:30Muay ThaiMuay Thai
Thursday12:0013:00KTXStriking Mixed Level
Thursday16:1516:45Mini MastersMini Master
Thursday16:4517:30Cadets, JuniorsKids Essentials
Thursday16:4517:30JuniorsKids Advanced
Thursday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Advanced
Thursday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Essentials
Thursday18:3019:30KTXAdult Striking
Thursday19:3020:30KTXStriking Inter/Advanced
Thursday20:3021:30ADULT MMAADULT MMA
Friday16:1516:45Mini MastersMini masters
Friday16:4517:30Cadets, JuniorsKids Essentials
Friday16:4517:30JuniorsKids Advanced
Friday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Essentials
Friday17:3018:15CadetsCadets Advanced
Saturday10:0010:30CadetsMini Masters
Saturday12:0013:00Striking Mixed levels

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Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, Filipino Classes

Full time family martial arts training Academy teaching Children & Adults from 4 years and above. We specialise in Filipino Martial Arts.

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