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MF Barnstaple  | MF Studio |  Top Floor |  27 Castle Street | Barnstaple  |  Devon |  EX31 1DR

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MF Barnstaple  | MF Studio |  Top Floor |  27 Castle Street |  Barnstaple  |  Devon |  EX31 1DR

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Wednesday17:0017:45Children 3 - 6Mighty MattsMighty Matts
Wednesday18:1519:15Adults, Children 7+Junior FamilyJunior Family
Wednesday19:3020:30Adults 12+AdultsAdults
Friday17:0017:45Children 3 - 6Mighty MattsMighty Matts
Friday18:1519:15Adults, Children 7+Junior FamilyJunior Family
Friday19:3020:30Adults 12+AdultsAdults
Saturday9:3010:15Children 3 - 6Mighty MattsMighty Matts
Saturday10:3011:30Adults, Children 7+Junior FamilyJunior Family

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