Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts Academy Chesterfield

Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts Academy | Raincliffe House |  Barker Lane |  Brampton | Chesterfield |  Derbyshire |  S40 1DU

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Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts Academy | Raincliffe House |  Barker Lane |  Brampton |  Chesterfield |  Derbyshire |  S40 1DU

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:4519:15Children 7 - 12JuniorsYoung Masters Ju-Jitsu
Monday19:3021:00Adults, Children 12+Adults, Master ClassAdults & Masters - Mondays
Tuesday16:3017:30Children 4 - 7Warriors 5-7yrsWarriors 4-7yrs - Tuesdays
Tuesday17:4519:15Children 7 - 12JuniorsYoung Masters Ju-Jitsu
Wednesday17:4519:15Children 7 - 12JuniorsYoung Masters Ju-Jitsu
Wednesday19:3020:30Adults, Children 7+KobudoKobudo
Thursday17:4519:15Children 7 - 12JuniorsYoung Masters Ju-Jitsu
Thursday19:3021:00Adults, Children 12+Adults, Master ClassAdults & Masters - Thursdays
Friday17:4519:15Children 7 - 12JuniorsYoung Masters Ju-Jitsu
Saturday9:0010:30AdultsAdults40+ Martial Arts

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Ju Jitsu Classes

Chesterfield's Premier Full Time Black Belt School. Specialists in Ju-Jitsu, Self-Defence, Kobu-Jutsu & Iaido. A BJJAGB National Governing Body Centre of Excellence. All welcome from age 4

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"My son Harrison was always a difficult child and has behavioural issues & struggled to focus & concentrate. With the Sensei’s strict routines and demands of respect and the academy’s codes of conduct Ju-Jitsu/Kobudo have straightened my boy out. As a result after 18 months at MBSMAA Harrison is a different boy and its now reflecting in his brilliant school reports too."

Becky Jones

"From day one, as an excited, but quiet four year old, my son has gained confidence, fitness, discipline and learnt real-life and relevant life skills. I cannot recommend Mind Body and Spirit highly enough, and have personally recommended several friends' children, some who have become, and continue to be, members of the academy."

Andy Moore

"Both our children have studied at MBSMAA since not long after the academy opened and both have found huge benefits in entirely different ways. We think very highly of the staff and Sensei’s at the academy for their support and discipline, both providing excellent balance in their training which they can take forward."

Andy Platt

"Your academy has made a HUGE difference to my little boy. My Warrior has been attending MBS for over a year and loves every minute! You have both made a huge impression on him and he enjoys his lessons and working with other Warriors. His confidence has really improved, as has his coordination and listening skills."

Claire Fox

"My son Lucas has problems with concentration and hyperactivity and through his time at Mind Body and Spirit he has improved a great deal. Lucas thoroughly enjoys martial arts and Mike and Kathy have been a massive part of Lucas's life regards to consistency and the discipline Martial arts provides. I certainly would recommend Mind Body and Spirit its a great place for kids to learn."

June Eyre

"Thanks to Mike & Kathy for your hard work with my two children. They absolutely love coming to ju-jitsu and would come every night. It’s not just the kids that have a great time as both my husband and I have joined the Gym with fantastic savings on memberships (discount for any parents at mind body spirit)"

L Jackson

"I thought it would be fun for my son to try a Martial Arts class he has only been coming a few weeks and has made some lovely friends. I wish he liked school as much as Warriors. I have a 2 year old too so we go to Chester’s Den too. It just fits perfect for treating both kids. He is looking forward to Graduation Day. Thanks to you both XXX"


""You give more than just Jujitsu skills, it's the friendships and bonds that are created that support your students. You are a real positive influence and provide guidence not just in the sport but in life its self and all the other adults around you. You build confidence, self esteem, courage, resilience and respect...the list could on but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it and you have helped get him back on track when he was heading the in the wrong direction, we just need to get him to stop being scared of everyone around him.""

Jo Kirkley

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