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The Martial Arts Centre | 2 Phoenix Workshops |  Blackhills Road |  Horden | Peterlee |  County Durham |  SR8 4LG

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The Martial Arts Centre | 2 Phoenix Workshops |  Blackhills Road |  Horden |  Peterlee |  County Durham |  SR8 4LG

Day Start Time End Time Age Group Style Class Booking
Monday17:4518:45Adults, Children 6+TrickingTicking classes
Monday18:0018:45KickboxingChildrens Kickboxing Class
Monday18:4519:45Adults, Children 10+KickboxingAdults Kickboxing
Tuesday16:3017:00Children 3 - 4Little DragonsTiny Dragons (3-4yrs)
Tuesday17:0017:30Children 5 - 6Little DragonsMini Dragons (5-6yrs)
Tuesday17:3018:15Children 7 - 12Taekwon-doChildrens Taekwon-do (7-12yrs)
Tuesday17:3018:15Adults, Children 13+KickboxingLadies only Kickboxing
Tuesday18:1519:15Adults, Children 13+Taekwon-doAdults & Teens Taekwon-do
Wednesday16:3017:00Adults, Children 16+Weapons, Weapons NinjasBeginner Weapons (6yrs +)
Wednesday17:3018:15KickboxingChildrens Kickboxing Class
Wednesday18:1519:15KickboxingAdults Kickboxing
Thursday16:3017:00Children 3 - 4Little DragonsTiny Dragons (3-4yrs)
Thursday17:0017:30Children 5 - 6Little DragonsMini Dragons (5-6yrs)
Thursday17:4518:45Children 7+Taekwon-doChildrens Taekwon-do (7-12yrs)
Friday18:0018:45Adults, Children 6+TrickingTricking Classes for 6 yrs upwards
Friday18:0019:00KickboxingAdults Kickboxing
Friday18:0019:00KickboxingChildrens Kickboxing Class
Sunday9:009:30Children 5 - 6Little DragonsMini Dragons (5-6yrs)
Sunday9:009:30Children 3 - 4Little DragonsTiny Dragons (3-4yrs)
Sunday9:009:45Adults, Children 13+KickboxingLadies only Kickboxing
Sunday9:3010:10Adults, Children 6+Weapons, Weapons NinjasMixed Weapons class
Sunday10:1511:00Adults, Children, Family 7+Taekwon-doFamily Taekwon-do (7yrs plus)
Sunday11:0011:45KickboxingChildrens Kickboxing Class
Sunday11:0011:45KickboxingAdults Kickboxing

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Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Taekwondo Classes

The Martial Arts Centre was established in 1990 and has instructors experienced in multiple disciplines which include: ITF Taekwon-do WTF Taekwon-do Kickboxing Sports Karate Freestyle Weapons Our award winning and well established martial arts classes have produced British, European and World Champion athletes over the decades and continues to do so to this date. Here at The Martial Arts Centre we have numerous programmes providing energetic martial arts sessions to children and adults from age 3 years upwards. We also provide fitness only based training. Whether you or your child are looking to boost confidence, learn new skills, lose weight, tone up or simply just want a new challenge, The Martial Arts Centre can help you reach your goals.

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